Weekly Tournament Results

Another week, another tournament win for Luffy

Tell us if this story sounds familiar: a high level Ultra Street Fighter IV tournament takes place in Europe with CPT points on the line, and Luffy is there to win it. Yes, it did indeed happen again, this time at Gigacon in Norway, as Luffy once again proved that no one in Europe can touch him when it comes to the current incarnation of the game. Luffy’s greatest threat, Ryan Hart, actually fell to Phenom this time around in Loser’s Finals, and the M.Bison player gave a valiant effort against the French EVO Champ, but to no avail. Luffy cleans up another 128 CPT ranking points and adds another tournament win to his growing list of victories.

Gigacon Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st MD|Luffy 128
2nd Bx3|Phenom 64
3rd DIG|Prodigal Son 32
4th Bx3|Veggey16
5th IND|7daggers 8
5th Duppsko 8
7th FGDojo|RiktigNinja 4
7th Four Leaf 4
9th WTFudge 2
9th Prozacstark 2
9th Quakeulf 2
9th Yashar 2
13th Dudleif 1
13th Bmage 1
13th Offen 1
13th Wreil 1

Xian continues his impressive run at the CPT Asia Singapore Qualifiers

Far away in Singapore, a similar, albiet slightly less dominant player also made his mark again on the CPT circuit. The last qualifying leg of the Capcom Pro Tour Asia series powered by Razer took place at the Tough Cookie venue in Singapore. While Xian had already qualified for the Asia Finals taking place at the end of the month, he was not content to rest on his laurels as he chased those CPT points in order to guarantee his entry to the Capcom Cup. Battling his way through the entire tournament in winners, he dispatched of both Leslie, an extremely strong Sagat player, and later his teammate Gackt in Grand Finals. With Xian winning the tournament, the final 2 qualification spots for the Asia finals went to Gackt and Leslie. They’ll need to step up their game if they hope to defeat Xian there though, as he has been looking unstoppable in the past few months.

CPT Asia Singapore Qualifiers Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st RZR|Xian 128
2nd RZR|Gackt 64
3rd Leslie 32
4th Koji16
5th Tommy 8
5th GL Saunic 8
7th Marcus Tan 4
7th Bison Wong 4
9th Wuming 2
9th DM MCZ Gambleboxer 2
9th Ganguro 2
9th Wong Tou Tou 2
13th JP Jonathan 1
13th YY 1
13th Weihan 1
13th Spore 1

Bladyszy emerges victorious in Poland

Over in Łódź, Poland, a gathering of local players took place at the 25th International Festival of Comics and Games. While the competition was fierce, it was two teammates from team IND who faced off in the end, with Bladyszy taking it over Wacho. We’ll have to see if either of these players make it out to more events in the near future.

25th International Festival of Comics and Games Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st IND|Bladyszy 128
2nd IND|Wacho 64
3rd Kejim 32
4th Snake16
5th Generic 8
5th Wilku 8
7th Frizen 4
7th Tiny 4
9th Kossak 2
9th Gargooletz 2
9th VanDarkholme 2
9th Hiryu 2
13th mace 1
13th Qjonoko 1
13th Szostak 1
13th Matt-JF 1