Weekly Tournament Results Update

Battle Arena Melbourne 6 and East Coast Throwdown happened last weekend to much excitement. Was your favorite player able to earn points last weekend? Check the results below to find out!

Battle Arena Melbourne 6 continued its streak of being the largest tournament in Australia by bringing in over 200 participants. With the first place prize being a plane ticket to Singapore for South East Asia Majors, our 4th Capcom Pro Tour Premier event, the Australian Fighting Game Community came out in full force. With Australia’s best such as DB|Carnage, Heavy Weapons, SL|Justice, DB|ToXY and SL|Sol in attendance, it was truly up in the air on who would represent Australia in Singapore. When it was all said and done however, it was SL|Sol who took home the 1st place finish. With this result he now has 128 ranking points, and a great chance to earn a qualification spot to the Capcom Cup at South East Asia Majors next month.

Battle Arena Melbourne Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st SL|Sol Cammy/Rose 128
2nd DB|ToXY Akuma 64
3rd DB|Carnage Cammy/Adon 32
4th Heavy Weapons Sagat/Akuma 16
5th Shang Tsung M.Bison/Seth 8
5th DB|Somniac M.Bison 8
7th SL|Justice M.Bison 4
7th SL|ZG Rufus 4
9th Phero Guy 2
9th Genkibot Juri/C.Viper/Vega/Honda/E.Ryu 2
9th VITRIOL Makoto 2
9th Falco Zangief/Oni 2
13th DJ Def-P Ryu 1
13th StandingFierce.JB Balrog 1
13th A1Major Sagat 1
13th Alex K Ryu 1

East Coast Throwdown in New Jersey, USA, was not only an Ultra Street Fighter IV play test location, but it was also the second ranking event for the weekend. This event had some of East Coast United States’ most notable players such as PIE Zues, TS|Sabin, and PIE|Smug going against the usual suspects of EG|Justin Wong, EG|Ricky Ortiz and EG|K-Brad among others.

After being sent to losers earlier on in the tournament by EG|Ricky Ortiz, PIE Zeus fought his way back to the Grand Finals by taking out EG|Justin Wong, TS|Sabin and many others. Once again Zeus faced off against Ricky, but fates were not on his side as Ricky was able to walk away with a 3-2 victory. On top of the trophy and other spoils, Ricky took home another 128 ranking points, while Zeus left with 2nd place and 64 more ranking points.

East Coast Throwdown Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st EG|Ricky Ortiz Rufus 128
2nd PIE|Zeus Vega 64
3rd TS|Sabin Dhalsim/Rose 32
4th EG|Justin Wong Rufus 16
5th DaFeetLee Cammy 8
5th PIE|Poem Balrog 8
7th AG|Glitch Rufus 4
7th RG|Rico Suave Abel 4
9th TM|Frenzy Abel 2
9th PIE|Smug Dudley 2
9th BigNastyKail 2
9th Volcanic Akuma 2
13th EDC|TrueLionHeart 1
13th RPD|Alex Smith 1
13th Zaferino 1
13th PIE|Lee Chung 1

The next events on the Capcom Pro Tour circuit are Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 10 in Chicago, USA, and Japonawa in Tijuana, Mexico. Both happen the weekend of May 24~25, so be sure to check them out!