Weekend Tournament Wrap Up

Last weekend was a great one for players looking to earn Capcom Pro Tour points. There was not one, not two, but three total events that happened in the US, Mexico and in France. Each event had extremely high levels of talent so those who were strong enough to take each event deserve a loud round of applause.

Kent, Washington was the location for this year’s Northwest Majors. With international powerhouses such as MCZ|Tokido and BE|Nemo coming in from Japan and matching up against top US players such as EG|PR Balrog, EG|K-Brad, and EMP|Sanford Kelly, it was really anyone’s guess as to who would come out on top. After a thrilling grand finals set that came down to the wire, it was MCZ|Tokido who was able to finish in 1st place, gaining not only a cool trophy and cash, but also 128 Capcom Pro Tour points, while EG|Kbrad left with 2nd place honors and 64 Capcom Pro Tour points.

Northwest Majors Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st MCZ|Tokido Akuma 128
2nd EG K-Brad Cammy 64
3rd EMP Santhrax Sagat/Oni 32
4th EG PR Balrog Balrog/Evil Ryu 16
5th CCG|Air Ryu/Guy 8
5th BE|Nemo Yang/Chun-Li 8
7th pH|Hoodaman E.Honda 4
7th Bokkin Cammy 4
9th SRKUW|Fawwaz C.Viper 2
9th EG Ricky Ortiz Rufus 2
9th FineLikeWine Guile 2
9th Dickson Cammy 2
13th Chuvylicious Abel/Rufus 1
13th EMP NuckleDu Guile 1
13th Integra Ken 1
13th pH|LPN Cammy 1

Sinaloa, Mexico was where this year’s Hypemania took place and this event definitely lived up to its name. Snakeyes, NGL|Chris, MCZ|Marq Teddy and Veloc1raptor all descended upon Mexico to face some of their strongest talent in the form of DS|GordoRlz and DS|Kannibal amongst others. In what can only be described as a hype clash between different styles of Street Fighter play, it was Veloc1raptor who surprisingly took 1st with his smart and tricky Gouken play, while Keno took 2nd place with his solid Balrog play. Mexico’s best learned quite a bit from this event and will definitely be coming back stronger next time around.

Hypemania Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st Veloc1raptor Gouken 128
2nd Keno Balrog 64
3rd SnakeEyez Zangief 32
4th Marq Teddy Guy 16
5th NGL Chris Ken 8
5th Brentt Rufus 8
7th DS Kannibal Dudley 4
7th DS Layec Hakan 4
9th DS Shadow X Cody 2
9th DS TheMarin C.Viper 2
9th XTC Koopa Sakura 2
9th DS Excelancer Juri 2
13th DS GordoRlz El Fuerte 1
13th TSFM Monky Cody 1
13th DS WeroPollero Chun-Li 1
13th Misa Chun-Li 1

Last, but definitely not least was Stunfest which took place in Rennes, France. One of the longest running events in Europe, this tournament featured EG|Justin Wong, EG|Momochi, Ryan Hart, MD|Luffy, FuR|Valmaster and Haitani amongst other extremely high level players. After a thrilling winner’s finals in which EG|Justin Wong sent FuR|Valmaster to the losers bracket, it was there that MD|Luffy and FuR|Valmaster battled it out for the title of strongest in France. Upon winning the set with his patented Rose, MD|Luffy made his way back to EG|Justin Wong with all of his nation’s hopes resting on his back. After a nail biting grand finals, it was MD|Luffy who was victorious and walked away this year’s Stunfest champion, while EG|Justin Wong finished in 2nd place.

Stunfest Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st MD|Luffy Rose 128
2nd EG|Justin Wong Rufus 64
3rd FuR|Valmaster Chun-Li 32
4th Haitani Makoto 16
5th LLL|MBR Akuma 8
5th Ryan Hart Sagat 8
7th StarNab Fei Long 4
7th EG|Momochi Ken/Juri 4
9th V-Ryu Makoto 2
9th D44 Bas Cammy 2
9th Rage Lachome Sagat 2
9th N.A Rage Solidjin 2
13th CDV.MCZ.Will2Pac 1
13th Perplex 1
13th LLL Emersion 1
13th NTSC Abdess 1

For those looking for more CPT Ranking Event action this weekend, be sure to tune into East Coast Throwdown happening in New Jersey on Team Sp00ky, and Battle Arena Melbourne 6 taking place in Melbourne, Australia on New Game Plus TV.