Weekend Results

Another week, another batch of results from Capcom Pro Tour ranking events! Two events took place this past weekend, in Valencia, Spain, as well as Costa Rica. Check out the top 16 for each tournament below!

Dreamhack Valencia took place from July 17~20 in Spain, and Ultra Street Fighter IV was there as an official game. Players from all over Europe participated for a chance at the considerable prize pool, as well as CPT ranking points. The competition was fierce, but in the end it was Luffy, fresh off his win at EVO, who took the event over Ryan Hart. Luffy’s hot streak continues and he has quickly shut down any talk of his EVO win being a fluke, and has easily proved he’s one of the strongest players in UFSFIV. It will be interesting to see if anyone can figure out his amazing Rose.

Dreamhack Valencia Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st MD|Luffy Rose 128
2nd DIG|Ryan Hart Sagat/Yun 64
3rd CDV.MCZ|Coungster Yun 32
4th BCN E-sports|Fasoll Ibuki/Ryu 16
5th KFR|Perplex Rufus 8
5th ASES|Shinichi Elena/Poison/Juri 8
7th LTTL|Eirdriam Rose 4
7th MF|Santiers C.Viper 4
9th NE|Chinoo Ken 2
9th Mike.Number9 Rose 2
9th SF|Dirdamo Abel 2
9th Devilcuco Yun 2
13th Veraz Rose 1
13th Achampou Blanka 1
13th Godhim Oni 1
13th Phoenix Fei Long 1

Also happening the same weekend, the event in the Cyber Olympics series took place in Costa Rica. While many of these players may not be well known on a global scale as of yet, they fought their heart out all the same.

Cyber Olympics Etapa Mall Multicentro Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st TCCR|Nano Cammy/Balrog 128
2nd Bebedero Zangief/E.Honda 64
3rd OF Juan Dudley 32
4th CRPyz Oni/Seth 16
5th Jimmy Blanka 8
5th Six_Gabo Guile 8
7th Aeon Ryu/Evil Ryu 4
7th TCCR|Kike Vega/Abel/Decapre 4
9th pbrkyo M.Bison 2
9th atenanegra Dee Jay/T.Hawk 2
9th Ars Guy/Sagat/Dhalsim 2
9th Raulaka Hakan 2
13th Fulgore Akuma 1
13th Ken Masters CR Ken 1
13th Renzoku-Teki Vega/Guy 1
13th RME M.Bison 1

This weekend is San Diego Comic-Con, so expect more results next week!