Weekend Results & Standings Update

PAX East was the first Pro Tour ranking event held at a trade show and it was a resounding success. Players from around the country came out in full force to Boston and filled out the 64 man bracket within a few hours. Even more surprising were the character specialists such as Manny Fuerte and LGI Salesman who did quite well with El Fuerte and Hakan respectively. At the end of the day however, it was EG Justin Wong’s strong performance throughout the event that led him to another first place finish and 128 ranking points.

PAX East Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st EG Justin Wong Rufus 128
2nd EG K-Brad Cammy 64
3rd RG Rico Suave Abel 32
4th RPD MCZ Gridman C. Viper 16
5th Manny Fuerte El Fuerte 8
5th RPD MCZ Weaksauce Sagat 8
7th Colon Divider Zangief 4
7th Mean Saltine Zangief 4
9th Dusty Feets M. Bison 2
9th RPD MCZ Alex Smith Abel 2
9th UVG Noel Brown Vega 2
9th WA Murda Guy 2
13th Rocwins El Fuerte 1
13th IGS Alex Jebailey Balrog 1
13th LGI Salesman Hakan/El Fuerte 1
13th ERGZ Bunch Balrog 1

A few states over in Virginia, Civil War happened the same weekend. EG’s Ricky Ortiz, Team PIE’s Smug and Zeus, and a slew of other heavy hitters all battled it out for an amazing Civil War Era sword replica and Pro Tour ranking points. When the smoke cleared it was EG’s Ricky Ortiz who took home the gold, thereby giving team EG victory at two events this past weekend.

Civil War Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st EG Ricky Ortiz Rufus 128
2nd PIE Zeus Vega 64
3rd PIE Smug Dudley 32
4th PZP BIFU Insaynne Blanka 16
5th Damdai Fei Long 8
5th TS Min E. Honda 8
7th Darkchild Balrog 4
7th EDC TrueLionHeart Sagat 4
9th DSC Sonyono Ibuki 2
9th PIE Poem Balrog 2
9th Coin Up Lud Chun-Li 2
9th T2A Diaphone - 2
13th ShinLad - 1
13th Aquasilk - 1
13th Guiseppe - 1
13th Ace Unlimited - 1

The inaugural round of online tournaments run by Virgin Gaming in North America, South America, and Europe also reached their conclusion, with many online warriors earning their first set of ranking points. Look for more and more players to try and augment their position through these events as the months go by.

On the standings front, there has been something shuffling in the rankings after this busy weekend:

This Weeks’ Top 5

1. Ryan “Prodigal Son” Hart – 320 Points

Ryan remains in the top spot despite being inactive on the Pro Tour circuit for over a week. This won’t last much longer though, as the rest of the field is quickly catching up.

2. Justin Wong – 290 Points

Justin’s recent tournament victories at Texas Showdown and this past weekend’s PAX East have vaulted him into 2nd place, just 30 points shy of 1st. He’ll look to continue his winning streak at Norcal Regionals this weekend.

3. Kenneth “K-Brad” Bradley – 226 Points

While falling short of top placement at recent events, K-Brad has still managed to place in the top 8 consistently; giving his point totals a significant boost. The newly minted team EG member will need to overcome his teammate in order to continue to climb the rankings.

4. Eduardo “PR Balrog” Perez – 193 Points

Another team EG member, PR Balrog did not participate in Civil War or PAX East, but will be looking to make some noise at Norcal Regionals this weekend. Having just returned from a long trip to Japan, he might be the favorite to win the entire thing.

5. Ricky Ortiz – 146 Points

Ricky rounds out the top 5 with his win at Civil War, making it 4 EG members in the top 5 of the rankings! The rest of the field will have to step up to avoid continued dominance from this elite team of players.