VSFighting 4 and CPTA Korea Results

Valmaster qualifies for Capcom Cup, Xian & Poongko move on to the CPTA Finals

This past weekend we were treated to not one, but two official Capcom Pro Tour events with the UK premier tournament, VSFighting 4, and the Korean qualifier for Capcom Pro Tour Asia. An official write up from eSports Max will be up later this week for VSFighting 4 but to tide you over for now, check out the top 16 results for both events below!

VSFighting 4 Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st GL|Valmaster Chun-Li 256
2nd MD|Luffy Rose 128
3rd CG|Problem X C.Viper 64
4th DIG|Ryan Hart Sagat 32
5th LLL|MBR Akuma 16
5th UM|ImStillDaDaddy Guile 16
7th Andreas Rufus 8
7th BSC|Blaydon Ryu Ryu 8
9th RIZE|Pro Fluke El Fuerte 4
9th F-Word Ibuki 4
9th Twitch|Dieminion Guile 4
9th BX3|Phenom M.Bison 4
13th CDV|Will2Pac C.Viper 2
13th Demulant Sagat 2
13th MBA|Fuzzy Poison 2
13th CDV|Cuongster Yun/E.Honda 2

On the other side of the world in Seoul, the Korean qualifiers for Capcom Pro Tour Asia took place. With all the strongest local Korean players in attendance, as well as a few international faces, competitors battled it out for a chance to qualify for the CPTA Finals taking place in Singapore later this year. The winner of the CPTA Finals will then be invited to the Capcom Cup. Infiltration was in attendance as well, but having already qualified for the Capcom Cup via his victory at CEO, he chose to stay on the sidelines as a coach for this event. When the dust had settled it was EVO2013 champ, Xian, who took out Poongko in the grand finals. Both players qualify for the CPTA Finals, joining the China qualifiers, Humanbomb, and Jie Wa. Only 2 more stops remain in the CPTA qualifiers: Taiwan and Singapore, so players will need to work hard to make the cut!

CPTA: Korea Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st RZR|Xian Gen 128
2nd Poongko Seth/Yun 64
3rd Naroks C.Viper 32
4th saulavis Rufus 16
5th DB.KOOPA Yun 8
5th Zzangmoo Zangief 8
7th BIGDANMUL Makoto 4
7th Hyoukjoon Yun Sakura/Evil Ryu 4
9th Kage Makoto 2
9th PARK JKKK Poison/Adon 2
9th Gyeong-Jun Choi Guile 2
9th saku Cody 2
13th LAUGH Rose 1
13th Sunho Shin 1
13th Hyounwook Nam T.Hawk 1
13th lod38 M.Bison 1