Ultimate Fighting Arena Results: Japan’s GRPT|Haitani Wins! Update: Event Highlights!

Header photo from left to right: DNG|Itabashi Zangief (2nd place), GRPT|Haitani (1st place), SPLYCE|Filipino Champ (3rd place). Photo by Stephanie Lindgren.
Ultimate Fighting Arena

Ultimate Fighting Arena Results for Top 64

The second Premier Event of the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour season, Ultimate Fighting Arena, is over and Japan’s GRPT|Haitani has emerged victorious, taking 1st place and earning 400 valuable points on the Global Leaderboard!
DNG|Itabashi Zangief, also from Japan, took 2nd place and SPLYCE|Filipino Champ (FChamp) from the USA took 3rd place! Now lets take a look at the Ultimate Fighting Arena results for top 64!

If you missed any of the action, be sure to visit our videos page, where we will have a playlist for matches from Ultimate Fighting Arena!

Ultimate Fighting Arena Results: Top 64

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st GRPT|Haitani Necalli 400
2nd DNG|Itabashi Zangief (Itazan) Zangief 250
3rd SPLYCE|Filipino Champ (FChamp) Dhalsim 200
4th ECHOFOX|Tokido Akuma 160
5th Verloren Cammy 130
5th ZOWIE|GamerBee Necalli 130
7th CO|Go1 Ibuki/Chun-Li 100
7th Cola321 (Xiaobao) Necalli/Vega 100
9th BX3|Phenom Necalli 70
9th GGP|Kazunoko Cammy 70
9th RB|Luffy R.Mika 70
9th Packz Karin 70
13th Gen1us Birdie 40
13th Save Dhalsim 40
13th YOUDEAL|Yukadon Ibuki 40
13th DA|ImStillDaDaddy Guile 40
17th RB|Bonchan Nash 20
17th EG|Ricki Ortiz Chun-Li 20
17th Mago Karin 20
17th 96Cafe|Gondo Birdie 20
17th Takamura_B Ken 20
17th CO|Dogura Urien 20
17th CDV|Layo Laura 20
17th TKR Chun-Li 20
25th NASR|Big Bird Ken 10
25th Millenium|Will2Pac Laura 10
25th AWS|Linkexelo Necalli 10
25th Mousesports|Problem X Birdie 10
25th Kuja Akuma 10
25th Nightcross Dhalsim 10
25th AWS|Akainu Guile 10
33rd PandaTV|Dark Jiewa Ken 5
33rd Afii Laura 5
33rd MD|MisterCrimson Laura 5
33rd Mordesai Zangief 5
33rd FA|AngryBird Akuma 5
33rd Cuongster Ibuki 5
33rd LaDOSE|Nassim-Claw Vega 5
33rd LaDOSE|AkramVVVV Laura 5
33rd Er_Commander Guile 5
33rd DrGulag Laura 5
33rd Brick Zangief 5
33rd Buuuster MX Dhalsim 5
33rd ECV|Hiruko Ibuki 5
33rd Shivryuken Laura 5
49th OnePunchDan Karin 1
49th CDV|WhiteBl4ck Akuma 1
49th Keftaroz Rashid 1
49th Prim77 Guile 1
49th Fuhajin Juri 1
49th Daima M.Bison 1
49th HLM-BE Ryu 1
49th Chrisax Akuma 1
49th Mousesports|CCL Urien 1
49th ECV|x3Terror Guile 1
49th Kenpachi Akuma 1
49th Jaycebis Rashid 1
49th Flash Urien 1
49th Colddog Alex 1
49th RD|Ficello Guile 1

Ultimate Fighting Arena Highlights

Ultimate Fighting Arena, held in Paris France, was the 2nd Premier Event of the Capcom Pro Tour season. This early in the season it is very difficult to predict what will happen. Let’s take a look at some of the storylines from Ultimate Fighting Arena and just a few of the many sensational matches.

Top 8 Dominated by Asia

Ultimate Fighting Arena is a stark example that Asia is still the region to beat when it comes to player talent. This was a Premier Event held in Europe and not a single European player made it into top 8. In fact, SPLYCE|FChamp from the USA was the only player to make top 8 that wasn’t from the Asia region. Keep in mind, however, that the perceived strength of various regions is always in flux. Remember, two players from the USA took 1st and 2nd place at Capcom Cup last year.

Placing Handle Nationality Region
1st GRPT|Haitani Japan Asia
2nd DNG|Itabashi Zangief (Itazan) Japan Asia
3rd SPLYCE|Filipino Champ (FChamp) USA North America
4th ECHOFOX|Tokido Japan Asia
5th Verloren Korea Asia
5th ZOWIE|GamerBee Taiwan Asia
7th CO|Go1 Japan Asia
7th Cola321 (Xiaobao) Taiwan Asia

ECHO FOX|Tokido, reunited with Akuma

Japan’s ECHO FOX|Tokido had an amazing season last year with six (!) top 3 finishes in Premier Events including two Premier Event wins! He accomplished all of this using Ryu as his main character, and it was Tokido’s incredible skill as a player and ability to impose his will on opponents that brought him that success. This year he was reunited with Akuma, who was his longtime main character in earlier Street Fighters. When a lot of fans think of Akuma, the character is synonymous with Tokido. Even at this early stage you can see that the reunion will benefit Tokido. He placed 5th at Final Round 20 last month and took 4th place here after being eliminated by GRPT|Haitani in Losers Semi-Finals 2-3. Last year Tokido hovered in the top placements for a few Premier Events before taking 1st and this year will likely be no different.

ECHO FOX|Tokido vs ZOWIE|GamerBee: Losers Quarter-Finals. Tokido had to run through several strong Necalli players in this event and this great match against Taiwan’s GamerBee was one of them.

SPLYCE|FChamp lights it up!

Dhalsim is one of those characters that seemed to be very strong in the early months of Street Fighter 5, but as time went on it became obvious that only a dedicated few could win with him at top level. USA’s SPLYCE|FChamp, also known as Filipino Champ, is one of those players with the skill and the dedication to bring out the character’s true potential. FChamp makes Dhalsim, a character with very slow walk and jump speeds, seem ridiculously fast and mobile. You can see the passion that FChamp plays with in each one of his Top 8 matches, and he put on an incredible performance at this event. At one point against Japan’s DNG|Itabashi Zangief in Winners Finals he was one round (perhaps even one hit!) away from going to Grand Finals (see match below). Later, in Losers Finals against GRPT|Haitani, he was up 2-0 and was within pixels of eliminating him (see match below) but ended up being eliminated himself 2-3.

SPLYCE|FChamp vs ECHO FOX|Tokido in Top 8. FChamp takes on one of the world’s best players and comes out on top 3-1.

DNG|Itabashi Zangief: Churns plants opponents into the ground all the way to Grand Finals

Japan’s DNG|Itabashi Zangief has been one of the best Zangief players on the planet for years. He has this uncanny ability to make sick reads, allowing him to scoop up his opponents and plant them into the ground with Spinning Pile-Drivers over and over again. He also has this infectious good humor about it all. He can be seen gleefully grinning as he scoops up his competition. At Ultimate Fighting Arena he made it all the way to Grand Finals, with a character that until the last patch (or when not being played by Itabashi!) was considered to be a very flawed character. Something happened to him in Grand Finals against GRPT|Haitani, where his reads seemed to elude him, but even so it was a fantastic performance by Itabashi Zangief!

DNG|Itabashi Zangief vs SPLYCE|FChamp in Winners Finals. This matchup is generally seen as being in Dhalsim’s favor, but with the characters on both sides being in the hands of their best players, it was a nail-biter.

GRPT|Haitani and Grand Finals

GRPT|Haitani was widely seen as one of the world’s best Street Fighter 5 players from the very first Premier Event last year culminating in a 4th place finish at Capcom Cup 2016. This year at Ultimate Fighting Arena, only the 2nd Premier Event of the season, he has already earned a 1st place Premier Event finish that eluded him all of 2016.

This was a big win for Haitani, but it wasn’t easy. In Losers Finals against SPLYCE|FChamp he was down 0-2 and was within a few pixels of being eliminated. He made a sensational read to steal that round and save himself and then went on to win the set 3-2.

GRPT|Haitani vs SPLYCE|FChamp in Losers Finals. Haitani was down 0-2 within a few pixels of elimination and clawed his way back.

Haitani’s only loss at this event was to DNG|Itabashi Zangief, but he got the runback and the coldest revenge in Grand Finals. We don’t know if Itabashi Zangief cracked under the pressure of a Premier Grand Finals or if Haitani just figured out Itabashi’s gameplan (or a bit of both), but Haitani shut Itabashi down completely. Haitani was in Losers Bracket so he would have to win 2 sets against Itabashi to achieve victory, and he did exactly that. In fact, starting from his clutch win in the 3rd match of his matchup against FChamp, Haitani won 9 games in a row on his road to 1st place.

DNG|Itabashi Zangief vs GRPT|Haitani in Grand Finals. Grand Finals was somewhat anti-climactic for such an epic event, but it illustrates Haitani’s greatness.