TeeSpring Campaign Round 2 Now On Sale

With a successful Round 1 campaign all wrapped up, we are happy to announce the 2nd round of official Capcom Pro Tour merch, powered by TeeSpring!

Three new t-shirt designs have debuted on our TeeSpring store, each representing one of the three upcoming premier events. We’d like to thank Rick Thiher, Mike Medicinehorse, and Mayro Holguin for their awesome work on the creation of these items.

These items will only be available for three weeks and then they’ll be gone forever so act fast! A portion of all sales will go towards boosting the prize pool at Capcom Cup as well, and the Round 1 campaign successfully added over $1,800 to the pot.

Without further ado, check out the sweet designs below!

The Fall Classic
tsd08_CapcomMocks_TFCfront2Taking place this weekend from Oct 10~12, this shirt features a wandering Ryu on his endless journey to find the strongest opponent. With many of the best players in the country at Raleigh, North Carolina for TFC, what better way to pay homage to the event than by featuring the historic USS North Carolina BB-55 battleship in the background!

Taito Arcade Nationals (Singles)
tsd08_CapcomMocks_AkFront2Also happening this weekend on Oct 11, Japan’s finest players will be duking it out in Tokyo, Japan at the Taito Arcade Nationals. The winner of the Singles competition qualifies instantly for Capcom Cup, so the stakes are high and the salt will be real. For this all-Nippon showdown, we’ve created a stylistic take on the eternal battle between the forces of Satsui no Hado: Oni VS Akuma!

Capcom Pro Tour Asia Series Finals
tsd08_CapcomMocks_WWFrontThe final premier event of our Round 2 merch takes place in Singapore from Oct 25~26. After grueling qualifiers in China, Taiwan, Korea, and Singapore, we’ve finally reached the end of the road set by up Razer. With 8 of Asia’s strongest World Warriors in attendance, it was only fitting to design a shirt that featured the 8 original World Warriors (plus bosses)! Which one of these competitors will make it to Capcom Cup? Hold on to your gi and let’s find out!

Also comes in hoodie form!

Support the players and get your CPT merch today!