South East Asia Major 2014 Results: EG|Momochi Wins

South East Asia Major 2014 Results

EG|Momochi (Ken) defeats Kazunoko (Yun) to claim South East Asia Major

South East Asia Major 2014 Results! Players from around the world traveled to Singapore to attend the first Premier tournament for Ultra Street Fighter IV on the Capcom Pro Tour. Filled with a talent pool that can only be defined as world class, which included the likes of RZR|Fuudo, RZR|Xian, MCZ|Tokido, Bonchan, Mike Ross, Jayce the Ace, EG Momochi, Kazunoko and others, there would be no denying that the winner of South East Asia Major was indeed the best player in Asia and deserving of their automatic qualifying spot to the Capcom Cup.

South East Asia Major 2014 Results
Your SEAM 2014 Champ: EG Momochi

As Ultra Street Fighter IV has only been out for three weeks, many newer players looked to this as their chance to upset the established legends, thereby making a name for themselves. Two such upsets included RZR|Gackt’s Fei-Long losing his first round match to FV|Chuan’s Guile, as well as AVM|Gamerbee’s Adon falling to Bison Wong’s M.Bison. History did not repeat itself however, as both matchups played out a second time later in the bracket, this time with Gackt and Gamerbee eliminating those who had defeated them before.

The hype did not end there however, as the final days showed off why Ultra Street Fighter IV is THE game to play. In a stacked bracket which contained nothing but champions, amazing matches such as RZR|Xian versus EG Momochi, Bonchan versus Kazunoko and MCZ Tokido versus Jayce the Ace took place in rapid fashion. After a long, hard fought road, it was Kazunoko who met RZR|Fuudo in the winner’s finals. On the back of some excellent Yun play, Kazunoko advanced to the grand finals over his fellow Japanese compatriot. Then in the loser’s bracket, RZR|Fuudo went up against EG|Momochi and was unfortunately eliminated 2-0. The grand finals contained the biggest surprise of the night however, as EG|Momochi was able to not only reset the bracket with his aggressive Ken, but also take out tournament favorite Kazunoko to win the tournament.

A big round of applause goes out EG|Momochi for fighting his way out of an early round loss and coming back to win the tournament. In addition to collecting 256 CPT points, he now joins Ryan Hart and EG|PR Balrog as those who have qualified for the Capcom Cup finals this December.

Who will be the next person to qualify for the Capcom Cup? Be sure to tune into the next Premier event happening at Community Effort Orlando this weekend. All the action will be streamed live on so be sure to check it out!

South East Asia Major 2014 Results: Top 16

Placing Name Handle Characters Points
1st Yusuke Momochi EG|Momochi Ken 256
2nd Ryota Inoue Kazunoko Yun 128
3rd Keita Ai RZR|Fuudo Fei Long 64
4th Hajime Taniguchi MCZ|Tokido Akuma 32
5th Masato Takahashi Bonchan Sagat 16
5th Jason Nghe Twitch|Jayce the Ace C.Viper 16
7th Bruce Hsiang AVM|GamerBee Adon/Evil Ryu 8
7th Kun Xian Ho RZR|Xian Gen 8
9th Rashid Alawadi GTR Ryu 4
9th Ghim Kee Eng RZR|Gackt Fei Long 4
9th Alexander Aguirre Sketch Rolento 4
9th Wong Tou Tou Gen 4
13th Daniel Chung SBD Sagat 2
13th Koji Miyakes Koji Akuma 2
13th Leslie Cheong Leslie Sagat 2
13th Dixon Pang DM|Gambleboxer Balrog/Guile 2