SDCC & HK Esports Tournament Results

Two different ranking events took place on the Capcom Pro Tour this past weekend. One in San Diego, USA, and Hong Kong. Top 16 results below!


SDCC 2014

At San Diego Comic-Con 2014, a Capcom Pro Tour ranking tournament was held throughout the show. Competitors battled through qualifiers held every day of the show at the Capcom booth to decide the top 16 players who would play in the Finals on Sunday.

On Sunday at the Omni Hotel, the top 16 kicked off with a bang with Chris G picking Dan the first game of the tournament against Johnny Park. A quick lost forced Chris to switch to his main, Sakura, where he proceeded to win the set. The next match between K-brad (Cammy) and Chris King (Vega) was a nail biter to the finish, with Chris prevailing in the end.

Loser’s bracket was filled with exciting matches and thrilling finishes as players such as GD Just Joe (Guile, Hakan), TJ Alexis (C.Viper), and UGC Vicious (Yun, Rufus) provided much entertainment to the crowd.

Back in winner’s bracket, Justin Wong (Rufus) and Snake Eyez (Zangief) proceeded to beat to down their opponents until they met in winner’s finals. With every round being a long, hard fought struggle, Snake Eyez emerged victorious, forcing Justin to defeat Chris G in loser’s to make it back.

Grand finals was another long set of attrition between Snake Eyez and Justin, but it was was Snake who prevailed in the end, earning him a large portion of the $3,000 total prize pot, as well as 128 CPT ranking points to vault him up the standings for this week.

SDCC Top 16 Results

Placing Name Points
1st Snake Eyez 128
2nd EG|Justin Wong 64
3rd GG|NYChrisG 32
4th EG|K-Brad 16
5th UGC|Vicious 8
5th Chris King 8
7th TJ Alexis 4
7th SD Pnoy 4
9th TJ Oscar 2
9th GD Just Joe 2
9th Johnny Park 2
9th SD Ilija 2
13th Killey 1
13th Gepeyo 1
13th Sammy 1
13th Floe 1

HK EsportsHK Esports Tournament

Over on the other side of the world in Hong Kong, the best players in the country all gathered together to compete in a ranking event hosted by HK Esports. Daigo “The Beast” Umehara from Japan also attended the tournament in his first trip to Hong Kong. While many players came close to defeating Daigo during the tournament, no one was able to take down his Evil Ryu in the end. With the finals being a blow out victory for Daigo 3-0 vs Dakou in winner’s finals, and 5-0 vs RB in the grand finals, Daigo demonstrated his mastery of his character and took home the title and 128 ranking points.

HK Esports Tournament Top 16 Results

Placing Name Points
1st MCZ|Daigo 128
2nd RB 64
3rd Qanba|Dakou 32
4th Humanbomb 16
5th Bell 8
5th Bun Bun 8
7th Terry HK 4
7th URSF|Sheep 4
9th URSF|Gameouttt 2
9th Blade Ryu 2
9th Cody P 2
9th Kawing 2
13th GZ Deng Zhi Bin 1
13th Leo Tze 1
13th Mask Jimmy 1
13th U2 1