Results from CPT Asia China Qualifiers

Johnny “Humanbomb” Cheng qualifies for the CPT Asia Finals!

This past Saturday the first stop of Capcom Pro Tour Asia took place in Shanghai, China. The competition was fierce, with many local Chinese players coming out to compete, but it was Johnny “Humanbomb” Cheng from Hong Kong who took it in the end with his strong Sakura and Poison play.

Johnny will be moving on to the Asia Finals which take place in Singapore on October 25~26 and also earns 128 ranking points for his first place victory.


CPT Asia China Qualifier Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st HumanBomb Sakura/Poison 128
2nd Jié wá Ken 64
3rd cuī shǎo Ibuki 32
4th tiāncháo guìzú M.Bison 16
5th ā háo Abel 8
5thqún dùn Adon 8
7th níkāng T.Hawk 4
7th làn dǎ wáng Chun-li 4
9th xiǎoyè Sagat 2
9th Today CEO Rufus 2
9th shí rényú Juri/Adon 2
9th qiútú Seth 2
13th diǎn pào Abel 1
13th Sandro Hugo 1
13th qiú qiú Gen 1
13th xiǎo mí Dhalsim 1

The next stop on CPT Asia is the Korea qualifier taking place in Seoul on August 23rd KST. All the action will be broadcast on Capcom Fighters so be sure to tune in!