Resistance and Thunderstruck Results

Smug wins Resistance 3

Stratford, Connecticut was the site of the final ranking event in the USA, and many players on the cusp of qualifying for Capcom Cup came out to try and secure enough points. K-Brad in particular started off the year strong but has struggled to secure tournament wins since USFIV released. A win at Resistance would put him into a strong position to qualify for Capcom Cup, but it was Smug who took him out in Grand Finals to take the tournament. Now K-brad’s fate will be decided by the results of the CPT Asia finals taking place this weekend, while Smug turns his sights towards Dreamhack Winter as his last chance to make it. The race to secure the final spots will be extremely close and it’s anyone’s guess as to who will come out in the end.

Resistance 3 Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st PIE|Smug 128
2nd EG|K-Brad 64
3rd The Steam Co|Sanford K 32
4th AG|Glitch 16
5th DaFeetLee 8
5th EIF BIFU|Coach Steve 8
7th PXG|Volcanic Akuma 4
7th RLBS 4
9th OG|Nick Hero 2
9th Zaferino 2
9th TI|Cliffeside 2
9th Dieminion 2
13th RPD MCZ|Alex Smith 1
13th The Steam Co|Freej4y 1
13th Dh3w Z 1
13th Domo K 1

Ricky Takes Thunderstruck

While the majority of the US scene was focused on Resistance, Ricky Ortiz sneakily (and intelligently) focused on the Thunderstruck tournament taking place the same weekend in Monterrey, Mexico. This was the final ranking tournament in the entire circuit, and Ricky took advantage of local competition to win first place, and the 128 ranking points needed to secure her spot at Capcom Cup.

Thunderstruck Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st EG|Ricky Ortiz 128
2nd TLC|Gama 64
3rd CKD DS|Babushas 32
4th DS|Marin 16
5th HB311 8
5th DS|Excenlancer 8
7th DS|Khannibal 4
7th TLC|Chris 4
9th TJ|Alexis 2
9th TLC|Makinator 2
9th TLC|Goro Jr. 2
9th TLC|Goro Max 2
13th CGG|Chopilla 1
13th Pablo 1
13th TLC|Zicca 1
13th TLC|Perro Loco 1

Be sure to tune in to this weekend’s Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals, starting tonight at 8pm PST! The broadcast will happen on the Capcom Fighter’s Twitch page.