NA Regional Finals: Red Bull Battle Grounds 2017: Live Stream and Event Information

NA Regional Finals: Red Bull Battle Grounds 2017

This is it! The NA Regional Finals at Red Bull Battle Grounds 2017 is taking place this weekend at Boston, MA, USA from November 18th and 19th and it will be the last event before Capcom Cup 2017 in December. As a Regional Final, this event will have two parts. First there will be an open Last Chance Qualifier tournament on Saturday. The 1st place finisher at the Last Chance Qualifier will advance to the Finals on Sunday. The Finals will be an 8 player tournament consisting of the top 7 players from the CPT North America Leaderboard joined by the winner of the Last Chance Qualifier.

Players who have already earned a spot at Capcom Cup will be after the 400 points awarded to whomever takes 1st place at the Finals to improve their seeding position. Taking 1st place at the Finals also automatically qualifies the winner for Capcom Cup, so it will be highly sought after by players who don’t have enough points to make the cut. You won’t want to miss a second of the action, so be sure to watch it all as it happens on the live stream!

If you are planning to attend the event live, tickets are still available and admission is free for spectators!

Event Official Website:


Seven Players Qualified for Finals from Regional Leaderboard:

PG|Punk iDOM
Liquid|NuckleDu 801 Strider
Brian_F RISE|Smug
ECHO FOX|Justin Wong

Top Players Expected to Attend Last Chance Qualifier:

XSK Samurai Tempo|Alex Myers
WBG|CJ Truth SonicBoxx|JB (2)
LPN Nephew
Circa|Wolfkrone Noble|Vagabond
WN|OG Shine Tampa Bison
GRPT|gllty SonicBoxx|Dieminion
Kreymore CYG BST|Snake Eyez

Live brackets can be found here:

Live Stream Schedule:

Pacific Eastern
Last Chance Qualifier (Saturday) 9AM – 3PM 12PM – 6PM
Finals (Sunday) 9AM – 1PM 12PM – 4PM

Live Stream

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