RANKING TOURNAMENT: Thaiger Uppercut 2016

Thaiger Uppercut 2016

Thaiger Uppercut 2016, taking place May 7th through May 8th in Thailand, will be the first Ranking Tournament of the Capcom Pro Tour 2016 season in the CPT Asia region. As you can see by the list below, a lot of Asia’s top players are expected to compete. Just like every other region so far, it will be interesting to see which top players from the Street Fighter 4 era will stay in that elite and what new players will emerge as well. There are a lot of Ranking Points up for grabs and many great players who will pull no punches trying to get them, so be sure to tune in to watch all of the action on the live stream as it happens!

Official Website:  https://thaigeruppercut.com/tournament/

Prominent Players Expected to Attend (In No Particular Order):

RZR|Gackt MRN|Marn
Gootecks Itabashi Zangief
YBK|Shiro MF|Tonpy
YBK|Santarouman PandaTV| Dark Jiewa
Dogura CCG|HumanBomb
YBK|-R- Haitani

Challonge Brackets (Will go live before event) can be found here.

Live Stream Schedule:

Pacific Eastern
Pools to Top 16 (Saturday) 12PM – 9AM 3AM – 12AM
Top 16 (Sunday) 3AM – 9AM 6AM – 12AM

Live Stream

Watch live video from TeamSp00ky on www.twitch.tv