SANA 2016

While EVO 2016 is going on Las Vegas, another great event that deserves your attention will be taking place in South America. SANA 2016, which takes place at Fortaleza, Brazil from July 15th through 17th, will feature a lot of regional competition!

One of the most Brazilian favorites for this tournament is Gregório Xavier (DeathGun) is one veteran player of Street Fighter known for Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Super Street Fighter IV. SOA|Brolyinho, who took 4th place at Jam Festival 2016, will also be competing. We need to mention the Salty Fortal community as well. They are an evolving community in Northeast Brazil which has some good players that will be trying to show their skill in this tournament.

Official Website:  https://portalsana.com.br/

Live Stream Schedule:

Sunday Pacific Eastern Local Brazil UTC/GMT
Finals Starts 10AM Starts 1PM Starts 1PM

Live Stream

Watch live video from sanagamesoficial on www.twitch.tv