RANKING TOURNAMENT: Red Fight District IV Results

Red <a href='https://www.agacdntest.com/players/fight/?lang=en-us'><figcaption id=Fight District IV Results" width="500" height="667" /> EG|K-Brad (Left, 3rd Place), MD|Luffy (Center, 1st Place) and YP|Valmaster (Right, 2nd Place)

Red Fight District IV, held October 3rd through the 4th in Amsterdam, Netherlands, has concluded and MD|Luffy has won yet another Ranking Tournament in the Capcom Pro Tour 2015 season! This win, and the 128 Ranking Points earned, come fresh off a 1st place victory last weekend at EGX 2015 in Birmingham, UK.  MD|Luffy has been a dominant player in almost every event he has entered this year, especially European Ranking Tournaments.

If you couldn’t catch the live stream, also be sure to check out our videos page to watch some of the amazing match videos from the event once they become available!

Here are the top 16 Red Fight District IV Results:

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st MD|Luffy Rose 128
2nd Valmaster Chun-Li 64
3rd EG|K-Brad Cammy 32
4th LLL|MBR Akuma 16
5th Gagapa M.Bison 8
5th BX3.TPLink|Phenom M.Bison 8
7th Packz Cody 4
7th Gonzales Seth 4
9th WSO|Deku Andreas Rufus 2
9th KIG|Problem X C.Viper/Seth/Makoto 2
9th FA|Ryan Hart Sagat 2
9th Afii Poison 2
13th IPlay|Demulant Sagat 1
13th Melty|Will2Pac C.Viper 1
13th Melty|Cuongster Yun 1
13th Emersion Vega 1