RANKING TOURNAMENT: Nine States Tournament 2015 – CAPCOM Pro Tour Asia 2015 Qualifiers



Watch as /r/Kappa’s Pepeday, Poongko, Infiltration, Pugera, Dunhill, Michael Tan and many other top players compete for Ranking points and a qualifying spot at Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals in Singapore at GameStart 2015!

Tune in to watch the Nine States Tournament 2015 being held in Fukuoka Japan on March 13th through 15th!  Not only are there Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Points on the line, but also a qualifying spot at the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals being held November 13th through 15th in Singapore at GameStart 2015.  With top players like those mentioned in the headline slated to attend, it will be a very exciting event.

Below you will find the event schedule and embedded official Live Stream.  We will post results, match videos, and photos from the event on the Capcom Pro Tour website after the conclusion of the tournament.

Be sure to visit the official site at https://www.beastapac.com/ for more information.

Event Schedule

Date and Time Event
14 March 2015 – 8PM PST – 15 March 2015 – 8AM PST
Singles Tournament

Official Live Stream

Watch live video from toughcookietv on www.twitch.tv