RANKING TOURNAMENT: FFM Rumble 9 Results – Belgium’s GWAK.FR|CCL takes 1st Place!

FFM Rumble 9 Results

FFM Rumble 9, held in Frankfurt, Germany from May 27th through May 29th, has concluded and Belgium’s GWAK.FR|CCL has taken 1st place! It was only a matter of time before a Chun-Li took 1st place at a Capcom Pro Tour event and CCL made it happen! Congratulations to CCL, who has earned himself an enormous 128 Ranking Points for his performance!

If you couldn’t catch the live stream, also be sure to check out our videos page to watch some of the amazing match videos from the event once they become available!

Here are the top 16 results for the event:

FFM Rumble 9 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st GWAK.FR|CCL Chun-Li 128
2nd GG|Halibel Ken/Dhalsim 64
3rd ECV|Niine90 Nash 32
4th Fitizen Vega 16
5th Perilous|Packz Karin 8
5th Rize|Cobelcog Cammy 8
7th Melty|Cuongster Cammy 4
7th FA|Ryan Hart Ken 4
9th Melty|Will2Pac Laura 2
9th BX3.TP-Link|Phenom M.Bison/Necalli 2
9th ECV|CharmingRogue Chun-Li 2
9th RaGe|Madjestik Chun-Li 2
13th RB|Luffy R.Mika 1
13th Valmaster Necalli 1
13th LLL|MBR Ryu 1
13th MD|Mister Crimson Laura/Dhalsim 1