RANKING TOURNAMENT: Dreamhack Summer 2015 Results

The results are in for the Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament at Dreamhack Summer 2015, which was held on June 13 (extending into the 14th depending on your time zone) at Jönköping, Sweden. Once again, MD|Luffy takes 1st place and adds another 128 Ranking Points to his already significant total. It’s also interesting that not one but two Dee Jay players have placed in the top 16.

Stay tuned and we will have a match video playlist up in our videos section.  If you would like to see a fantastic photo collection from the event, check them out here!

Here are the Dreamhack Summer 2015 Results:

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st MD|Luffy Rose 128
2nd KIG|Problem X C.Viper/Seth 64
3rd AVM|GamerBee Elena/Adon/Yun 32
4th FA|Ryan Hart Ryu/Sagat 16
5th Pro Fluke El Fuerte 8
5th LLL|MBR Akuma 8
7th UM|ImStillDaDaddy Guile/Seth/M.Bison 4
7th BX3|Phenom M.Bison/Rolento 4
9th WSO|Andreas Rufus 2
9th UM|Tyrant M.Bison 2
9th Bashfest Sagat 2
9th UM|RMZ Yun/Sagat 2
13th SaltyKid Dee Jay 1
13th Duppsko Rufus/Decapre 1
13th Brillz Dee Jay 1
13th King Funk Rufus/Zangief 1