RANKING TOURNAMENT: Double Elimination – Capcom Pro Tour Asia 2015 Qualifier

Event Information

Double Elimination is a 1 day event taking place in Seoul, South Korea this weekend on April 25 (Saturday). In addition to being a Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Tournament, Double Elimination is the second qualifier for Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals. Which means that the winner of Double Elimination will earn valuable Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Points as well as a qualifying spot at the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals being held November 13th through 15th in Singapore at GameStart 2015!

With so much on the line, it is no surprise that a lot of big players from Asia are planning to take part. Be sure to check back for any further updates and be sure to catch the live stream!

Official Website: https://www.beastapac.com

Top Players Attending (Partial List in No Particular Order):

Top Players
MCZ|Tokido /r/Kappa/Infiltration
Kazunoko CCG|Humanbomb
RZR|Fuudo /r/Kappa/Poongko
Bonchan RZR|Itabashi Zangief

Live Stream Schedule

Pacific Eastern
6:00PM to 5:00AM 9:00PM to 8:00AM

Live Stream

Watch live video from XSplit on www.twitch.tv