PREMIER TOURNAMENT: Milan Games Week 2015 Results – RZR|Fuudo gets 1st Place and RZR|RB Qualifies for Capcom Cup!

Milan Games Week 2015, one of the few remaining Premier Tournaments, is over and RZR|Fuudo has taken 1st place! It was an amazing day for Team Razer, with a member taking the entire top 3 placements! RZR|Xian took 2nd place and RZR|RB took 3rd. Check out the Milan Games Week 2015 Results.

RZR|RB qualifies for Capcom Cup 2015

Because both RZR|Fuudo and RZR|Xian have already earned qualifying spots, RZR|RB has earned a qualification to take part in Capcom Cup 2015! Congratulations to RZR|RB!

If you missed the live stream, check back over the next few days and we will have a link to a video playlist for matches from the event on our videos page!

Milan Games Week 2015 Results: Top 16

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st RZR|Fuudo Fei Long/Seth 256
2nd RZR|Xian Gen/Elena/Poison 128
3rd RZR|RB Rolento 64
4th FA|Ryan Hart (Prodigal Son) Sagat/Abel/Evil Ryu/Yun 32
5th MD|Luffy Rose 16
5th ESR|Gonzales Seth 16
7th Eita Akuma 8
7th EG|K-Brad Cammy 8
9th Reiketsu Vega 4
9th YBK|Shiro (Shirou) Abel 4
9th Pro Fluke El Fuerte 4
9th MF|Tonpy C.Viper 4
13th Brawl|Haitani Makoto 2
13th Valmaster Chun-Li 2
13th BX3.TP-Link|Phenom M.Bison 2
13th Kindevu Akuma/Elena/Seth 2

Milan Games Week 2015 Results

Milan Games Week 2015 Highlights- A Great Day for Team Razer

Milan Games Week 2015 Results

The Race for a Capcom Cup Qualification Heats Up

The number of Premier Tournaments left in the 2015 Capcom Cup season are dwindling fast, and top players who are on the bubble are scrambling for either an outright qualification by winning a Premier or for valuable Ranking Points that may make the difference between making the cut or not. Milan Games Week 2015 could provide both, and as such it is no surprise that a lot of top players from around the world traveled to Milan Italy to take part. With only one event remaining in the season after this one, that being Canada Cup 2015 on December 20th through November 1st, every point counts. The stakes were high, and it translated into a lot of amazing matches at Milan Games Week 2015.

A Top 3 Clean Sweep for Team Razer and the Grand Finals before the Grand Finals

Milan Games Week 2015 Results
RZR|Fuudo (left) faces off against Team Razer teammate RZR|Xian (right)

It was a great day for Team Razer at Milan Games Week 2015, as a member of the team took every top 3 spot at Milan Games Week! RZR|Fuudo took 1st place by besting RZR|Xian in an exciting Grand Finals. Because RZR|Fuudo and RZR|Xian both qualified previously by winning Premier Tournaments earlier in the year, the qualifying spot would fall to whomever finished 3rd. The match-up was between RZR|RB and FA|Ryan Hart, and because such a huge prize was on the line it was like a Grand Finals before the Grand Finals! Ryan Hart pulled out Yun, Evil Ryu and Sagat but RB’s Rolento earned the win 3-0.

With that win, RZR|RB simultaneously earned the qualifying spot to Capcom Cup and completed Team Razer’s domination of the top 3. How crazy would a RZR|RB vs Nemo Rolento mirror match be? It’s now a possibility for Capcom Cup 2015 and it’s very exciting!

Interestingly, the only losses that Team Razer incurred were to fellow teammates. Xian knocked both Fuudo (during Winners Semi-Finals) and RB (during Winners Finals) into the Losers Bracket. Fuudo then eliminated RB in Losers Finals and finally was eliminated himself by Xian in Grand Finals. Now let’s take a look at a few highlights from the event.

Top 5 Moments from Milan Games Week 2015

MD|Luffy vs Eita

Japan’s Eita, who hasn’t done a lot of traveling this season, faced off against MD|Luffy, who is often times referred to as the “gatekeeper of Europe” this year in a very exciting match. What happens when you have two players that excel at hit and run tactics play against one another? Check it out.

EG|K-Brad vs FA|Ryan Hart

This was a very close match that came down the very last round. EG|K-Brad and FA|Ryan Hart both displayed some great footsies but Ryan Hart just seemed to take a few more of the clutch plays that won rounds.

Grand Finals: RZR|Fuudo vs RZR|Xian

Milan Games Week 2015 Results
RZR|Fuudo holds the Milan Games Week 2015 Trophy in victory.

It’s unfortunate when you have to play against a teammate but it’s the nature of competitive fighting games that it happens. RZR|Fuudo plays an absolutely clinical Fei Long and RZR|Xian’s Gen is tricky to fight against with the ability to switch the character’s fighting styles on the fly. Xian actually beat Fuudo in Winner’s Finals 3-2, so the Grand Finals was a runback. Fuudo won the first set 3-1 and brought Xian down into the Losers Bracket for the final showdown. In the end Fuudo eliminated Xian 3-0.