PREMIER TOURNAMENT: Hypespotting 4 Results!

After two days of blood, salt and tears, the victor of Hypespotting 4 has finally been decided. MCZ|Mago secured his place at the 2015 Capcom Cup Finals by beating MCZ|Tokido in the Grand Finals. Tokido showed us why he’s still a name to be feared, confirming into Akuma’s Ultra 2 time and time again, but when pitted against the best Yang in the business, he struggled to find a conclusive answer. Mago secures his spot at the December Capcom Cup and 256 Ranking Points as well. Check out the Hypespotting 4 Results.

Other notable matches from the Top 8 include MD|Luffy vs. RZR|Xian and FA|Ryan Hart vs. Rize|Pro Fluke. Luffy narrowly beat Xian in a back-and-forth between two of the most unorthodox Ultras in the game while Ryan got the better of Pro Fluke by countering his El Fuerte with a surprise Abel pick. Is there any character that Ryan can’t play? We’ll be looking for him and the other competitors to bounce back strong at the next Premier event as the race to Capcom Cup continues!

Hypespotting 4 Results: Top 16

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st MCZ|Mago Yang 256
2nd MCZ|Tokido Akuma 128
3rd MD|Luffy Rose 64
4th FA|Ryan Hart Decapre/Abel/Rolento/Sagat 32
5th Rize|Pro Fluke El Fuerte 16
5th RZR|Xian Gen/Elena 16
7th UM|Shoryusengan Ken 8
7th UM|ImStillDaDaddy Guile/Decapre 8
9th BTM|Hurricane237 Decapre 4
9th WSO|Andreas Rufus 4
9th VS|Milligano M.Bison 4
9th CG|Problem X C.Viper 4
13th GL|Saunic Ibuki 2
13th IND|OverMostHeads Oni 2
13th GxC|Damascus Ibuki 2
13th Afii Poison 2

Hypespotting 4 Results

Hypespotting 4 Highlights

Hypespotting 4 Results
Hypespotting 4 was held at Glasgow, Scotland on April 4th and 5th, and was one of two Capcom Pro Tour Premier Tournaments held that weekend (check out the summary for NorCal Regionals 2015 here). This year’s event was bigger than ever, with a newer, larger venue and more on the line for players. You can view the full results post here. Lets get to it.

Lots of Great Play from Europe

Europe has a lot of high level players, and Hypespotting 4 was a good showcase of that. It wasn’t all about MD|Louffy (3rd Place) and FA|Ryan Hart (4th Place), as great players like RIZE|Pro Fluke (5th Place), UM|ImStillDaDaddy (7th Place), BTM|Hurricane (9th Place), WSO|Andreas (9th Place), VS|Milligano, and CG|Problem X (9th Place) put in great performances. A newcomer, UM|Shoryusengan, played a very strong Ken and ended up taking 7th place in his first major. Keep your eyes in him in the future. GL|Saunic, IND|OverMostHeads, GxC|Damascus, and Afii all tied for 13th Place.

RIZE|Pro Fluke vs UM|Shoryusengan

FA|Ryan Hart Sends MD|Louffy to Losers Bracket with Decapre…

FA|Ryan Hart is one of the best players in the world, but over the last few years he’s had some trouble beating the EVO 2014 champion, MD|Louffy, in competitions. At Hypespotting 4 Ryan Hart decided to use Declare instead of Sagat, and it was a wise choice as Louffy has had trouble playing against the character at recent events. This one was an intense game of hit-and-run, with both trying to get damage where they could while limiting exposure, but it was Ryan who seemed more in control. Ryan Hart said he was experimenting with other characters in a recent Capcom Pro Tour interview, and it has started to pay dividends.

…but MD|Louffy gets his Revenge

Ryan Hart and Louffy met again in Losers Semi-Finals, and Ryan decided to start with yet another character: Rolento. The start with Rolento started off very well but Louffy slowly regained the advantage and went up 2-0. Facing elimination, Ryan changed characters back to his long-time main, Sagat. It didn’t change his fortunes, however, and Ryan was eliminated from the tournament. Despite being a 3-0, it was a very fun match to watch.

Team Mad Catz Reigns Supreme

Hypespotting 4 ResultsThere was a lot of great competition at Hypespotting 4, but Team Mad Catz ended up on top. The Grand Finals was between MCZ|Tokido and MCZ|Mago, in a very close match that ended 2-3. When it was all over, it was MCZ|Mago who got the win, the 256 Capcom Pro Tour Points, and qualification for Capcom Cup 2015. Interestingly, it was MCZ|Mago who put MCZ|Tokido into the Losers Bracket in the Winners Finals. The only loss Team Mad Catz took was to another team-member. Congratulations to Team Mad Catz and to MCZ|Mago on a great performance.

Top 5 Moments from Hypespotting 4

Here is the Top 5 Moments from Hypespotting 4 video. The video contains some big moments that happened earlier in the tournament.