PREMIER TOURNAMENT: Dreamhack Summer 2016 Results – Norway’s BX3.TP-Link|Phenom Wins and Qualifies for Capcom Cup!

Dreamhack Summer 2016 results

Dreamhack Summer 2016 Results

Dreamhack Summer 2016, held June 18th through 21st in Jonkoping, Sweden has concluded and Norway’s BX3.TP-Link|Phenom, augmenting his M.Bison now with Necalli, has taken 1st place and has earned an automatic qualifying spot to Capcom Cup 2016! Japan’s RZR|Fuudo, who earned 2nd place at Stunfest 2016 this May, took 2nd place and Tokido, also from Japan, adds even more Ranking Points to his stockpile with a 3rd place finish! Check out the Dreamhack Summer 2016 results.

If you missed any of the action, be sure to visit our videos page, where we have a playlist for matches from Dreamhack Summer 2016!

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Lindgren.

Top 16 Results for Dreamhack Summer 2016

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st BX3.TP-Link|Phenom Necalli/M.Bison 256
2nd RZR|Fuudo R.Mika 128
3rd Tokido Ryu 64
4th YOUDEAL MJS|Haitani Necalli 32
5th RB|Luffy R.Mika 16
5th BST|Daigo Umehara Ryu 16
7th Mago Karin 8
7th EG|Momochi Ken 8
9th Melty|Genius Birdie 4
9th FA|Ryan Hart Ken/Guile 4
9th F2K|Popi Cammy/Karin 4
9th Melty|Cuongster Cammy 4
13th Jiji Necalli 2
13th SaltyKid Chun-Li 2
13th Reiketsu Vega 2
13th RZR|Xian F.A.N.G. 2
Dreamhack Summer 2016 results
From left to right: Tokido (3rd place), BX3.TP-Link|Phenom (1st place) and RZR|Fuudo (2nd place). Photo by Stephanie Lindgren.

Dreamhack Summer 2016: Norway’s BX3.TP-Link|Phenom defends Europe with Dreamhack win and earns himself a qualifying spot at Capcom Cup 2016

Dreamhack Summer 2016 was thrilling to watch, as are all CPT Premier Tournaments, so if you want to catch up on some of the great matches you may have missed please visit our Videos page for a playlist. Norway’s BX3.TP-Link|Phenom took 1st place, defending Europe’s turf from invading players from Asia, and earned himself a well deserved qualifying spot at Capcom Cup 2016. His road wasn’t easy and several of his opponents took him to the very last round of the last match to decide the winner (see the video below against Japan’s Daigo Umehara for example) but Phenom looked calm through it all, only showing glimpses of excitement when the victory was clinched. He also won it all in Winners Bracket, which against this level of competition says a lot. Congratulations to Phenom and we look forward to seeing him in future events and in the Capcom Cup Finals in December!

Highlights and Interviews

As with any event, there are too many fantastic matches and big moments to cover them all here so we will spotlight a few matches. Also, Capcom community manager Matt Edwards got a lot of great interviews with players during the event so we will showcase some of those as well.

Spotlight Match: BX3.TP-Link|Phenom vs RB.BST|Daigo Umehara (Winners Semi-Finals)

In the CPT Series Interview (see below), Phenom talked about his lack of nerves and it was on display against the legend, Japan’s Daigo Umehara. In the first round of the 3rd match, with the score 1-1, Phenom’s Necalli throws Daigo’s Ryu into the corner and uses command grab not once, not twice, but three times in a row to get a dizzy to finish off the round! If that doesn’t show supreme confidence, we don’t know what does. It was not an easy victory for Phenom, however, as it was actually a slugfest that went back and forth all the way to the very last round of the last match. Phenom switched to M.Bison for the final match, to throw off Daigo’s thought process (see interview below) and while the last match wasn’t an easy one he did come away with the win.

Spotlight Match: Tokido vs YOUDEAL MJS|Haitani (Losers Semi-Finals)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Japan’s Tokido is so consistently good that he is virtually assured to win a big CPT tournament soon. In Losers Semi-Finals, for example, he took down Haitani, who is top of the CPT Asia leaderboard and is arguably the best Necalli player in the world.

Top 5 Moments of Dreamhack Summer 2016

Here are our top 5 moments from the event!

Dreamhack Summer 2016 Interviews

Capcom community manager, Matt Edwards, talks to Phenom at Dreamhack Summer 2016 in Sweden.

Dreamhack Summer winner BX3.TP-Link Phenom talks about his being on top of CPT Europe’s leaderboards, M.Bison’s limitations as a character, about his matches against Fuudo, Daigo and Mago, and more!

RZR|Fuudo, 2nd place finisher, talks about his match against Phenom and more.

For more interviews from Dreamhack 2016, visit the Capcom Fighters Youtube Channel or view the whole Interview Series playlist here.