PREMIER TOURNAMENT: Capcom Pro Tour Brazil Results – Keoma Qualifies for Capcom Cup!

Capcom Pro Tour Brazil, held October 10th through 12th at São Paulo, Brazil, is over and Keoma has taken 1st place!

Keoma qualifies for Capcom Cup 2015

The number of Capcom Premier events is quickly winding down, and as such winning an event like this is so valuable. Keoma, who played Abel, has taken 1st place at Capcom Pro Tour Brazil and as such has taken one of those coveted spots for himself, and will now be able to compete at the Capcom Cup event this December! Congratulations!

If you missed the live stream, check back over the next few days and we will have a link to a video playlist for matches from the event on our videos page!

Now, here are the Capcom Pro Tour Brazil Results:

Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st Keoma Abel 256
2nd Brawl|Haitani Makoto/Rufus 128
3rd SOA|Ibukiman Ibuki/Oni/Juri 64
4th Reversal|ChuChu C.Viper/Sakura/Poison 32
5th SOA|XR Prometo Balrog 16
5th AAG|Pr3da Rolento/Elena 16
7th SOA|Caju Hakan 8
7th SFT|Guiller BR Guile 8
9th SFT|Alexandro Ken 4
9th /r/Kappa|Pepeday El Fuerte 4
9th WW|CamizaKOF Hugo/Sagat/T.Hawk 4
9th AAG|Baby Brasil Rufus 4
13th SFT|Dark817 Abel 2
13th SFT|Fabinho Zangief 2
13th LTWins|Xitao Adon 2
13th SFT|Jacare Cammy/Rufus 2