Premier Tournament: Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals Results – r/Kappa|Poongko and Misse Qualify for Capcom Cup!

The Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals, held November 13th through 15th at GameStart 2015 in Singapore, is over and r/Kappa|Poongko has taken 1st place! This event is unique in the Capcom Pro Tour this year in that it is a round robin tournament with 9 total players taken part, each having earned a qualifying spot at other Capcom Pro Tour Asia events throughout the year. With this format every player plays every other player and the winner is determined by the number of wins. Nemo and Kindevu, who both scored 5-3, had to play a head to head match to break the tie. Nemo won and went to the Grand Finals.

r/Kappa|Poongko and Misse Qualify for Capcom Cup 2015

Poongko’s 1st place finish earns him the automatic qualifying spot that was up for grabs due to this being a Premier Tournament. Because of this, Misse now becomes the 16th player who will qualify for Capcom Cup 2015 due to Ranking Points. Congratulations to Poongko and Misse!

Photo courtesy of Mark Teo Photography.

Placing Handle Characters Record Game Record
1st r/Kappa|Poongko Seth/El Fuerte 7-1 21-10
2nd Nemo Rolento 5-3 19-16
3rd Kindevu Elena 5-3 18-14
4th RZR|Xian Gen/Poison/Elena 4-4 19-15
5th RB|Bonchan Sagat 4-4 18-15
6th Misse Makoto 4-4 15-18
7th Qanba Douyu|Xiao Hai Evil Ryu/Cammy/Yun 3-5 19-18
8th Qanba Douyu|Dakou Evil Ryu/Akuma/Cammy/Ryu/Guy 2-6 11-20
9th MOV Ibuki 2-6 8-22