Season Overview

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2017 is the breakout year for several players that are qualified for Capcom Cup this year and CO|Dogura is one of them. He did an incredible amount of traveling this year, attending 11 of the 16 Premier Events this season. Of those he made top 16 in seven of them and won two of them in October (TWFighter Major and Canada Cup). He also took top 16 in four Ranking Events. With two Premier wins in October, including the last true Premier Event of the season at Canada Cup, he is going into Capcom Cup on a hot streak. Dogura’s main character is Urien and he’s the best Urien in the world right now (he’s going to Capcom Cup with two Premier wins!), with fantastic use of transitioning between zoning and offense. He also has some of the sickest combos you’ll see using Urien’s Aegis Reflector mirrors. He also has an M.Bison and a Necalli in his back pocket, so he is going to be one to watch out for at Capcom Cup 2017.