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While 2016 was pretty quiet for RED BULL|Bonchan, he’s regained his momentum in the 2017 season. Like several veteran top players from the Street Fighter 4 era, gaining solid footing in Street Fighter 5 competition took some time. He started playing Ryu but switched to Nash in the middle of the 2016 season. In 2016 Nash was pretty popular, but in 2017 he’s fallen out of favor. In fact, many regard Bonchan as the last Nash standing. Bonchan can do incredible things with the character and that’s reflected in his results for the year and his earning a spot at Capcom Cup 2017. He’s taken top 16 at three Premier Events this year including a win at BAM 9. He got 9th place at EVO 2017. He also took top 8 at four Ranking Events including wins at both Saigon Cup and The Colosseum. Will the last Nash be standing with a trophy at the end of Capcom Cup 2017? Tune in to find out! Profile photo courtesy of Chris Bahn. Thaiger Uppercut 2014: Bonchan vs RZR|Itazan