Online Ranking Event Results: Brazil’s SL|Stunner wins Latin America 4 and UK’s XL|Infexious wins Europe 3!

Online Ranking Events: Latin America Four and Europe Three Results

This weekend there were two Online Ranking Events that took place, Latin America Four and Europe Three. For the Latin America Four event it was Brazil’s SL|Stunner who took 1st place! Coming in 2nd place is F2G|Moise from Chile taking 3rd placeis YK4|Tubarao GX.

Turning now to the results from Online Ranking Event: Europe Three, it was XL|Infexious from the United Kingdom that has taken 1st place! France’s MD|Mister Crimson has taken 2nd place and Sweden’s SaltyKid has taken 3rd place. Below you will find the top 16 results for CPT Online Ranking Event Europe 3!

If you couldn’t catch the live stream, also be sure to check out our videos page to watch some of the amazing match videos from the event once they become available!

Here are the top 16 results for the event:

Online Ranking Event: Latin America Four Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st SL|Stunner Cammy 160
2nd F2G|Moise Laura 100
3rd YK4|Tubarao GX Necalli 70
4th F3|Brolynho Necalli 40
5th ProGame|Shades_BR Urien 20
5th CursoSF|Pauloweb Laura 20
7th Ludo Akuma 10
7th ProplayerX|LM3 Urien 10
9th Umbrella|Dark Urien 5
9th AAG|DidimoKOF Dhalsim 5
9th RTN|Kimedu Vega 5
9th Estivador Ken 5
13th i9|Keoma Karin 1
13th AAG|Baby Brasil F.A.N.G. 1
13th MKB|Chypaun M.Bison 1
13th TSD-GX-DT|Picoro M.Bison 1

Online Ranking Event: Europe Three Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st XL|Infexious Necalli/Zangief 160
2nd MD|Mister Crimson Dhalsim/Laura 100
3rd SaltyKid R.Mika 70
4th Method|Packz Karin 40
5th Cobalt Urien 20
5th Zera Akuma 20
7th RB|Luffy R.Mika 10
7th DA|ImStillDaDaddy Ed 10
9th RSN|KingNashor Laura 5
9th Mousesports|Problem X M.Bison 5
9th Ku-mo-ko M.Bison 5
9th E-corp|JuniorLeo Ken 5
13th MDZ|Jimmy Ryu 1
13th XL|Brickterium Urien 1
13th Crazy Verdoyance Birdie 1
13th Hurricane Cammy 1