Northwest Majors 7 Results

Northwest Majors 7 was held in Des Moines, Washington state this weekend and it is EG|Justin Wong who took 1st place. It is also quite surprising to see not one but two T.Hawk players placing in top 8. I don’t know if this is the first time that has happened but it is astonishingly rare, so our hats are off to NeoGAF|KojiKOG and AG|Native Impact. Without further ado, here are the top 16 results:

Northwest Majors 7 Results: Top 16

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st EG|Justin Wong Rufus 128
2nd NeoGAF|KojiKOG T.Hawk 64
3rd pH|LPN Rolento / Cammy / Ken / Abel 32
4th TS|Sabin (Arturo Sanchez) Dhalsim/Rose 16
5th Tempo|NYChrisG Sakura 8
5th AG|Native Impact T.Hawk 8
7th SRKUW|Fawwaz C.Viper 4
7th CCG|Air Poison/Ryu 4
9th Nando Tovar El Fuerte 2
9th EG|Ricky Ortiz Rufus/Rolento 2
9th EG|PR Balrog Balrog 2
9th Julio Yun 2
13th Dickson Decapre 1
13th Brentt Rufus 1
13th pH|Hoodaman E.Honda 1
13th 801|Jayce the Ace Decapre/C.Viper 1