NorCal Regionals 2014 Results: EG|PR Balrog Wins

EG|PR Balrog is the 2nd qualifier for the Capcom Cup tournament this December.

NorCal Regionals 2014 Results! Over 200 challengers descended unto Sacramento this past weekend to not only try and become the champion of Northern California Regionals 2014, but to also become the 2nd qualifier for the year-end Capcom Cup. Now that the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled, a round of applause is in order for team Evil Geniuses’ Eduardo “PR Balrog” Perez who, in addition to taking home top honors, also received 256 Capcom Pro Tour points and a sizeable portion of the additional $2,000 pot bonus added to the prize pool by Capcom.

PR Balrog has been one of the more consistent players on the tour, yet was not able to secure a win at any of the Capcom Pro Tour events this year. With a heartbreaking 2nd place finish at Final Round at the hands of Ryan Hart and a 2nd place finish at Texas Showdown after falling to EG teammate Justin Wong a few weeks ago, it looked as if a trend of 2nd place finishes was on the verge of becoming the norm for Eduardo. All of that ended last night however, when PR Rog was able to come back from the losers bracket and beat Infiltration two sets, 3-0 and 3-1 to take 1st place.

Although others such as Infiltration and Justin Wong finished outside of 1st, their continuously high placing performances in other Capcom Pro Tour ranking events has only helped to solidify their placements within the current CPT standings. So make sure to head over to the next Capcom Pro Tour ranking or premier event if you can, as every point earned gets you that much closer to earning a spot at the Capcom Cup this December.

We would also like to thank JP Bregazna for the awesome photos.

NorCal Regionals 2014 Results: Top 16

Placing Name Handle Characters Points
1st Eduardo Perez EG|PR Balrog Balrog/Evil Ryu 256
2nd Seonwoo Lee Infiltration Akuma/Chun-Li/Oni 128
3rd Justin Wong EG|Justin Wong Rufus 64
4th Ricky Ortiz EG|Ricky Ortiz Rufus 32
5th Kenneth Bradley EG|K-Brad Cammy 16
5th Jason Nghe YBK Jayce the Ace C.Viper 16
7th Darryl Lewis Snake Eyez Zangief 8
7th Alex Valle LU|Alex Valle Ryu 8
9th Mike Ross Mike Ross E. Honda/Sagat/Blanka 4
9th Julio Fuentes MMG|Julio Yun 4
9th Hooman Ghahremani pH|Hoodaman E.Honda 4
9th Alex Myers Alex Myers Sakura 4
13th Renzo Vigo iPeru El Fuerte 2
13th Brian Jeon BJ Unchained Cody 2
13th Long Nguyen pH|LPN Cammy 2
13th Marqus Theodore NGL|Marq Teddy Guy 2