LATAM Regional Finals 2018 Results: Dominican Republic’s SB|Crossover wins Finals and Japan’s FUDOH|Haitani wins Open Event!

PREMIER EVENT: LATAM Regional Finals 2018 Results

LATAM Regional Finals 2018, held in Sao Paulo, Brazil on November 3rd, is over and the results are in. As a Regional Final, SEA Major is two events in one.

First there was an Open Tournament which is similar to a Premier Event only it also awards points on the related Regional Leaderboard (see Rules page for details). The Grand Final was between two of Japan’s legendary Street Fighter players with FUDOH|Haitani facing off against Mago. Mago came in from the Losers bracket, having been beaten by Haitani 1-3 in Winners Finals. At first the runback in Grand Finals went Mago’s way, with Mago defeating Haitani 3-0 to reset the bracket. Haitani came back strong in the second set and would defeat Mago 3-1 to claim victory. Both players are safely qualified for Capcom Cup via points after this event with Haitani moving up to 13th place and Mago to 21st place on the Global Leaderboard standings.

The next event was the Regional Final, which was an eight player event consisting of the top 8 players on the CPT Latin America Leaderboard (excluding RISE|MenaRD and RISE|Caba, who are already qualified for Capcom Cup via points). In this event it was SonicBoxx|Crossover from the Dominican Republic who would come away with the win after defeating Peru’s RAPTOR E-SPORTS|Pikoro 3-1 in Grand Finals. Crossover will now qualify for Capcom Cup in December. It’s interesting to note that Capcom Cup 2018 will feature three players from the Dominican Republic (the others being Capcom Cup 2017 Champion RISE|MenaRD and RISE|Caba).

Now let’s take a look at the full LATAM Regional Finals 2018 results!

If you missed any of the action, be sure to visit our videos page, where we will have a playlist for matches from LATAM Regional Finals 2018!

LATAM Regional Finals: Top 8 (Note: No points awarded for Regional Finals)

Placing Handle Characters
1st SonicBoxx|Crossover Akuma
2nd RES|Pikoro M.Bison
3rd SonicBoxx|Doomsnake507 Vega
4th Brolynho Necalli
5th PauloWeb Laura/Zeku
7th Keoma Karin
7th A7E|Maximof Rashid

LATAM Regional Finals Open Event Results: Top 48

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st FUDOH|Haitani Akuma 700
2nd Mago Cammy 270
3rd SHODOWN|Zenith Menat 200
4th SonicBoxx|Doomsnake507 Vega 160
5th DETONATION|Itabashi Zangief Abigail 130
5th FURIA|HKDASH M.Bison 130
7th ATLAS BEAR|StormKubo Abigail 100
7th RobinhoFGC Karin 100
9th Arthuro-Ray Akuma 70
9th FSN|Shingolex Balrog 70
9th Brolynho Necalli 70
9th AAG|Baby Brasil F.A.N.G. 70
13th ProGamer Shogun Cammy 40
13th TPT|Destroyer Nash 40
13th SHODOWN|Chuchu Chun-Li 40
17th UMBRELLA|Dark G 20
17th Keoma Karin 20
17th RonaldoCharuto Abigail 20
17th iG|Jiewa Akuma 20
17th SagazThugLife Balrog 20
17th KMT|FKang Necalli 20
25th Washington de Jesus Dias 10
25th SOA|Kimedu Vega 10
25th Cobra 10
25th Neguinho Alex 10
25th RTN-Maumau Balrog 10
25th PauloSF 10
33rd Gleidson 1
33rd Silverio 1
33rd Beer Fighters – Duduh 1
33rd SeverosysBR 1
33rd Youngton 1
33rd KMT RaT3x 1
33rd Piroa 1
33rd SonicBoxx|Crossover Akuma 1
33rd cabeludo 1
33rd god_minibomba 1
33rd liumiyavi 1
33rd Torres 1