Japan Cup 2017: Live Stream and Event Information

Japan Cup 2017

In addition to several Ranking Events taking place around the world this weekend, we also have a Premier Event in store! Japan Cup 2017, which takes place in Tokyo, Japan from August 12th through 13th, will be an event you won’t want to miss! Many of the region’s top players are expected to compete including Japan’s Hx|CYG BST|Daigo Umehara, GRPT|MOV, GRPT|Haitani and more. Taiwan’s Talon|Xiaobao and Korean players including RZR|Infiltration, Verloren, and XYZZY will also be there. There will be many thrilling matches in store, so be sure to watch it all as it happens on the live stream.

Official Website:  https://shinobism.com/japan-cup-2017-english-page

Prominent Players Expected to Attend (Names in No Particular Order, Alphabetical by Nationality):

Player Nationality
GRPT|Fuudo Japan
Hx|CYG BST|Daigo Umehara Japan
AW|Nemo Japan
GRPT|Haitani Japan
Gachikun Japan
CO|Go1 Japan
YOUDEAL|Yukadon Japan
DNG|Itabashi Zangief Japan
Mago Japan
John Takeuchi Japan
GGP|Kazunoko Japan
Reiketsu Japan
YBK|Daikoku_Go Japan
SZ HORI|Sako Japan
GW|Eita Japan
MF|Tonpy Japan
Moke Japan
CO|Dogura Japan
RZR|Infiltration Korea
GFuel|Verloren Korea
r/kappa|Poongko Korea
Talon|Xiaobao Taiwan
Gllty United States

Brackets can be found here: https://challonge.com/cptjp201708

Live Stream Schedule:

Pacific Eastern UK Japan
Pools (Saturday) Starts 6PM (Fri) Starts 9PM (Fri) Starts 2AM Starts 10AM
Top 16 to Top 8 (Saturday) 2AM – 5AM 5AM – 8AM 10AM – 1PM 6PM – 9PM
Top 8 (Sunday) 1:30AM – 4:30AM 4:30AM – 7:30AM 9:30AM – 12:30PM 5:30PM – 8:30PM

Live Stream

Watch live video from CapcomFighters on www.twitch.tv