France/Spain/Portugal 2022 results

France/Spain/Portugal 2022 Results: Mister Crimson takes 1st Place!

ONLINE PREMIER: France/Spain/Portugal 2022 Results

It was another thrilling weekend of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition action as the Capcom Pro Tour’s 2022 season ends its third week! The online premier even t for France/Spain/Portugal, which took place from May 14th through 15th, is now over and we have the final results! Mister Crimson has emerged victorious from Grand Finals and has taken 1st place! He has now earned a qualifying spot to compete at Capcom Cup IX! Kilzyou took 2nd place and Valmaster took 3rd place with all three players hailing from France. Now lets take a look at the full France/Spain/Portugal 2022 results for top 8.

If you missed any of the action, be sure to visit our videos page, where we will have a playlist for matches from the event!

France/Spain/Portugal 2022 Results: Top 8

Placing Handle Characters
1st Mister Crimson Dhalsim
2nd Kilzyou Karin
3rd Valmaster Chun-Li
4th TKR Chun-Li
5th GO RB|Luffy R.Mika
5th GIA|VegaPatch F.A.N.G./Juri
7th 0|Akainu Guile/Dan
7th JuniorLeo Luke/Ken