First Attack and SFOS July Results!

Chris G takes First Attack

Last weekend, players from around the United States came together in Puerto Rico to duke it out in the regions largest tournament. The level of competition was extremely high, with notable players such as Justin Wong and Mike Ross failing to crack the top 8. It was Chris G. with his patented Sakura, and newly minted Elena who took first place, defeating NuckleDu in the finals. Chris G earns 128 ranking points and shoots up the leaderboards, making the race to Capcom Cup a very interesting one indeed.

First Attack Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st GG|NYChrisG Sakura/Elena 128
2nd bTri|NuckleDu Guile/Decapre 64
3rd EG|PR Balrog Evil Ryu/Balrog 32
4th AG|Native Impact T.Hawk 16
5th eSportsMax|Tampa Bison M.Bison/Rolento 8
5th MOR|Rico Suave Abel 8
7th DR Ray Fei Long 4
7th FGA|Mono M. Bison 4
9th Gorcrx Ken 2
9th CEO|CJ Truth Fei Long 2
9th RG|Flocker Cammy 2
9th EG|Justin Wong Rufus 2
13th BananaKen Evil Ryu 1
13th Cocaneta Yun 1
13th Flako Dhalsim 1
13th Twitch|Mike Ross E.Honda 1

The battle rages online with the Street Fighter Online Series

In the online arena, players in the Americas and Europe competed in online tournaments run by World Gaming. Top 16 results from July can be seen below:

Americas PS3 July Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st Flaquito42464
2nd BlaQSkillZ 32
3rd bTri|NuckleDu 16
4th yogapause_usa 8
5th Killa-Esoteric 4
5th Mikespence4690 4
7th youngc_314 2
7th TheBigBoss87 2
9th IxLOVExMYxRC51 1
9th evilkevin3 1
9th Dreamspeeder 1
9th Fonogenico 1
13th MarceyPan 1
13th iPsYkHo 1
13th CNB-ChuChu 1
13th M_Kenjiro 1

Americas X360 July Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st bTri|NuckleDu 64
2nd VW03K 32
3rd norcal kurokiba 16
5th Cnb ChuChu 4
5th pie L33 Chun9 4
7th BlueBOMBER 626 2
7th iPsYkHo 2
9th Phyzestache 1
9th TB brightgamer 1
9th yuntagohan84 1
9th fernandolkf 1
13th Rickgif 1
13th MIKE ROPP 1
13th kareemdanoobkil 1
13th Diego Flx 1

Europe PS3 July Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st Marsattacks69 64
2nd Giuse_83 32
3rd monkeykong12 16
4th SMAultramarine 8
5th SHABZ_R 4
5th M-E-D-Z 4
7th m4fo_x 2
7th GaSsToN 2
9th LadyHirien 1
9th MagnusFender 1
9th king_geedorahh 1
9th evileder 1
13th greydon_square 1
13th ABDHN 1
13th Sunset-Law 1
13th kof 1

Europe X360 July Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st VS BigFool 64
2nd IncognitusNG I 32
3rd Demulant 16
4th Ixion90 I 8
5th Nods5 4
5th Geqn 4
7th Gillstolemyride 2
7th Milligano 2
9th RAID Valmaster 1
9th Yonzai1212 1
9th Khnum666 1
9th Ninja musik g 1
13th bossdonkim 1
13th Pro Fluke 1
13th Elwood Blues I 1
13th plasma2d 1