Final Fighters China 2018 Results: Taiwan’s UYU|Oil King takes 1st Place!

PREMIER EVENT: Final Fighters China 2018 Results

Final Fighters China 2018, held in Xi’an, China from September 1st through 2nd, is now in the books and Taiwan’s UYU|Oil King has taken 1st place!

UYU|Oil King put on his best performance of the season, and perhaps his CPT career, at Final Fighters China this weekend. This is his first Premier Event win coming after an already impressive 3rd place finish at the Premier
Esports Festival Hong Kong Premier Event last weekend. Oil King got to the Grand Finals in the Winners Bracket but it was a hard-fought victory. In Grand Finals he had a sensational fight with Japan’s legendary ECHO FOX|Momochi, who was Capcom Cup Champion in 2014. Oil King narrowly lost the first set 2-3 but was able to overcome Momochi in the second set 3-2 to earn 1st place. Oil King, with the 700 points up for grabs here, is now in a great position for Capcom Cup 2015 with events yet remaining in the season.

With 391 points and holding the 25th spot on the Global Leaderboard going into this event, Japan’s ECHO FOX|Momochi needed a strong performance to move him away from the bubble. His 2nd place finish in China did just that, earning him 270 valuable points. For the 2018 season, Momochi changed up his main character and has been mostly using Kolin with increasing results as the year goes on. Momochi got all the way to Winners Finals before he was defeated 0-3 by Oil King. In Grand Finals Momochi switched from Kolin to Akuma with great effect, but it was not enough to finish off Oil King.

FUDOH|Fujimura from Japan is having a monster 2018 season. He was second only to Japan’s ECHO FOX|Tokido on the leaderboard going into this event and the difference between Tokido and Fujimura was only 10 points. Fujimura has previously won two Premier Events so far this season (Stunfest and CEO) and won a Ranking Event (Fighter’s Spirit) among other placements. 3rd place gives him 200 points and 1st place on the Global Leaderboard. Fujimura was knocked into Losers Bracket by Momochi in Winners Semij-Finals 1-3 and was finally eliminated by the same player when they met up again in Losers Finals 0-3.

Three Chinese players broke into the top 8 with Huang Yang Mian taking 5th place and Pithead-China and TSE4444 both finishing at 7th place. It was also interesting that two of the three players used characters that you almost never see in top 8 this season with Huang Yang Mian using Zeku and Pithead-China using F.A.N.G..

Now let’s take a look at the full Final Fighters China 2018 results for top 48!

If you missed any of the action, be sure to visit our videos page, where we will have a playlist for matches from Final Fighters China 2018!

Final Fighters China 2018 Results: Top 48

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st UYU|Oil King Rashid 700
2nd ECHO FOX|Momochi Kolin/Akuma 270
3rd FUDOH|Fujimura Ibuki 200
4th CYG BST|Fuudo R.Mika 160
5th ATLAS BEAR|StormKubo Abigail 130
5th Huang Yang Mian Zeku 130
7th Pithead F.A.N.G. 100
9th PONOS|Moke Cammy 70
9th Gachikun Rashid 70
13th LIQUID|Nemo Urien 40
13th DETONATION|Itabashi Zangief Abigail 40
17th FIGHTCLUB|UD Cammy 20
17th FUDOH|Johnny Karin 20
17th LIQUID|John Takeuchi Rashid 20
17th Modou22 Urien 20
17th QANBA DOUYU|Xiao Hai Cammy 20
17th FIGHTCLUB|Dudu Balrog 20
25th FUDOH|Haitani Akuma 10
25th RED BULL|Bonchan Nash 10
25th 100C|Pang Jia Mi 10
25th PandaTV|Shan He Wo Zun Meng 10
25th RB Zeku 10
25th CYG BST|GamerBee Cammy 10
33rd Joeyangho Chun-Li 1
33rd BlackCat Cammy 1
33rd ANV|BaconStrips F.A.N.G./Birdie/Ed 1
33rd Darigazz 1
33rd Da Ming 1
33rd FORGER|Humanbomb Chun-Li 1
33rd Mago Cammy 1
33rd Zipninja Akuma 1
33rd Feiy 1
33rd FIGHTCLUB|Koston Rashid 1
33rd Di Dou Di Xiao Hui 1
33rd SHADOW|Beibei Necalli 1
33rd Hang Mo Jiang 1
33rd Xiaobao Necalli 1
33rd LP|Qiuqiu Urien 1