Fight in Rio 2017 Results: Brazil’s F3|Brolynho takes 1st Place!

Fight in Rio 2017 Results

Fight in Rio 2017, held August 5th through 6th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is over and F3|Brolynho has taken 1st place! AAG|Shingolex has taken 2nd place and Innova|Keoma took 3rd place. All three top finishers are from Brazil. Now let’s take a look at the full Fight in Rio 2017 Results for top 16.

If you couldn’t catch the live stream, also be sure to check out our videos page to watch some of the amazing match videos from the event once they become available!

Here are the top 16 results for the event:

Fight in Rio 2017 Results: Top 16

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st F3|Brolynho Necalli 160
2nd AAG|Shingolex Balrog 100
3rd Innova|Keoma Karin 70
4th SHK|Ludo Akuma 40
5th Umbrella|HKDash M.Bison 20
5th AAG|DidimoKOF Dhalsim 20
7th N3T|Cabelo3000 F.A.N.G. 10
7th Umbrella|Dark Urien 10
9th KKA|TortureFrag M.Bison 5
9th ProGamer|Shades_BR Urien 5
9th SL|Stunner M.Bison 5
9th Umbrella|Cabeca Bolado Akuma/Ken 5
13th AAG|Baby Brasil F.A.N.G. 1
13th Danilo Silverio Karin/Ken 1
13th SOA|Brito Guile 1
13th CursoSFV|PauloWeb Laura 1