Evolution Championship Series Receives a $10,000 Prize Bonus From Capcom Pro Tour

The largest fighting game tournament in the world has just become more epic due to the partnership between the Evolution Championship Series and the Capcom Pro Tour. This July, Evo will be utilizing the Capcom Pro Tour ranking system to help assist with the seeding process, and will be seeding the top eight players on the ranking system accordingly during this year’s Ultra Street Fighter IV tournament.

But to really kick this year’s Ultra Street Fighter IV tournament in to high gear, the Capcom Pro Tour is providing an additional $10,000 to the total prize pool. If that is not enough incentive to come out, given the intense competition and skill set needed to make it to the final stages of the tournament, Evo has been granted their own “Evo Tier” for CPT points in which the winner receives four times the number of points as those who win a premier event.

Evo will be the third premier tournament on the Capcom Pro Tour which will be played on Ultra Street Fighter IV, so if you want to get a leg up on the competition, be sure to attend and support both Southeast Asia Majors and CEO, as well as the other ranking events listed under the schedule tab.