EU Regional Finals at Milan Games Week Results: UK’s Mousesports|Problem X wins 2nd Premier in a Row! Update: Highlights!

EU Regional Finals at Milan Games Week Results

The first of four Regional Finals for the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour season has concluded. The EU Regional Finals at Milan Games Week was held in Milan, Italy from September 29th through 30th. UK’s Mousesports|Problem X has taken 1st place once again, hot off a Premier Event win last week at EGX 2017 and having won an impressive five events total so far this year! This win awards him 400 points on the Global Leaderboard. If he hadn’t already secured his spot at Capcom Cup 2017 with points, which he certainly has, the win at this Regional Final would have guaranteed one for him. Norway’s BX3|Phenom took 2nd place and France’s Method RB|Luffy took 3rd place. Now let’s take a look at the full EU Regional Finals at Milan Games Week results for top 8 and the top 16 for the Last Chance Qualifier.

If you missed any of the action, be sure to visit our videos page, where we will have a playlist for matches from EU Regional Finals at Milan Games Week!

We will have more on EU Regional Finals at Milan Games Week in a few days, but for now let’s congratulate Mousesports|Problem X and take a look at the final results!

EU Regional Finals at Milan Games Week Results: Top 8 (Note: Only the 1st Place Finisher is awarded points. See Rules page for details)

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st Mousesports|Problem X M.Bison 400
2nd BX3|Phenom Necalli
3rd Method RB|Luffy R.Mika
4th MD|MisterCrimson Dhalsim/Laura/Balrog
5th Epsilon|Takamura_B Ken
5th RASS Balrog
7th NASR|Big Bird Ken
7th Method|Packz Karin

Last Chance Qualifier Results: Top 16 (Note: No CPT points are awarded for Last Chance Qualifier. See Rules page for details)

Placing Handle Characters
1st Epsilon|Takamura_B Ken
2nd CDV|WhiteBl4ck Akuma
3rd Endpoint|JonesArcade Ken
4th OldBridge|Sean Rashid/Ibuki
5th VFL|Jotaro Cammy
5th RDT|Tyson Guile/Balrog
7th MrNobody M.Bison
7th Mousesports|CCL Ibuki/Chun-Li
9th VFL|MrWolf Necalli
9th SemperPups Nash/Guile
9th Epsilon|Keftaroz Rashid
9th CarloDrummer Abigail
13th LordKiWii Chun-Li
13th MrGamerBoyz Ryu
13th Aurelioking Cammy
13th Kingston

Mousesports|Problem X Dominates at EU Regional Finals: Event Highlights

The EU Regional Finals at Milan Games Week is the first of four Regional Finals for the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour season. The Finals itself was an 8-player tournament consisting of the top 7 players on the EU Leaderboard plus the winner of the open Last Chance Qualifier tournament held the day prior. Epsilon|Takamura_B, an aggressive Ken player from Belgium, was the winner of the Last Chance Qualifier and rounded out the 8 player Finals. Roughly half the players, including Mousesports|Problem X, France’s Method RB|Luffy, Norway’s BX3|Phenom and NASR|Big Bird, had accumulated enough points to likely qualify for Capcom Cup 2017. However, with several Premier Events remaining and 3 more Regional Finals that could potentially take some of those spots, several of them are not 100% safe yet. For the other players in the lineup it was 1st place or nothing. Remember, the 1st place finisher in a Regional Finals event is guaranteed a spot at Capcom Cup 2017 regardless of leaderboard standing.

There were plenty of exciting matches, several of which are highlighted below, but it was Mousesports|Problem X that took 1st place in dominating fashion. He won the Finals staying in the Winners Bracket and lost only 3 games total during the entire event, two in his close call against Method RB|Luffy in Winners Finals and one more in Grand Finals against BX3|Phenom.

He had just won the Premier Event at EGX 2017 the previous week and had a further three Ranking Event wins under his belt prior to the EU Regional Finals. Problem X has enough points to qualify for Capcom Cup without needing the guarantee that this win provides, but the 400 points awarded will help for seeding purposes when he gets there. If Problem X was on a hot streak last week he’s red hot this week. We shall see if he can keep this momentum up in the final stretch.

Now, let’s take a look at just a few of the highlight matches below from the event.

Epsilon|Takamura_B vs NASR|Big Bird

This was a Ken mirror match that brought the hype. Belgium’s Epsilon|Takamura_B went up 2-0 pretty convincingly. United Arab Emirates’ NASR|Big Bird did the wise thing and took a break, going to character select to pick a new character costume and gather himself. Big Bird came out swinging and won the next game to bring the score to 2-1. It was at this point where things just went nuts, with both players completely tossing defense out the window and going all-in on a YOLO playstyle. The rest of this set is just too crazy to believe it just has to be seen. Takamura_B would take the last game and move on with a 3-2 win.

RASS vs Method|Packz

Russia’s RASS looked lost in his defeat to France’s Method RB|Luffy earlier in the event but he was a completely different player against UK’s Method|Packz. Packz struggled to keep up with RASS’s gunslinger style and there were several rounds where RASS stole victory with a relentless assault. This was a fun match to watch Balrog do what he does best, which is mug people and take huge chunks of damage with his turnaround punch.

Mousesports|Problem X vs Method RB|Luffy in Winners Finals

Two of Europe’s best players face off in this epic Winners Finals. Luffy would hand Problem X two of his three lost games in this close set and every game went three rounds. Luffy tried to impose his will, wanting to stay close and keep his opponent in the corner. Problem X wanted to keep things slower, staying at a range where he could look for counter-hits and other openings to do damage. It came down to the very last round with both players having enough meter to end it but it was Problem X who closed the deal, sending Luffy to Losers bracket.

BX3|Phenom vs MD|MisterCrimson in Losers Semi-Finals

France’s MD|MisterCrimson plays several characters and he used Dhalsim in this set against BX3|Phenom. There were a lot of big momentum swings in this exciting match that would come down to the very last round.

Mousesports|Problem X vs BX3|Phenom in Grand Finals

The Grand Finals would be between Problem X in Winners side and Phenom in Losers. This set had a lot of rounds that could have gone either way, but mostly they broke in Problem X’s favor. Problem X’s tricky movements and use of Devil’s Reverse kept Phenom guessing. Problem X was able to cause Phenom to miss with his EX reversal several times and inflict heavy damage punishment. Problem X would go on to win 3-1 and become of the first of this season’s Regional Finals Champions.

Capcom’s Top 5 Moments from EU Regional Finals at Milan Games Week

Here are our top 5 moments from the event!