Dreamhack Montreal 2018 Results: USA’s ECHO FOX|Justin Wong takes 1st Place!

PREMIER EVENT: Dreamhack Montreal 2018 Results

Dreamhack Montreal 2018, held in Montreal, Canada from September 7th through 9th, is over and USA’s ECHO FOX|Justin Wong has won his first Premier Event of the season!

ECHO FOX|Justin Wong put on his best performance of the 2018 season thus far with an impressive win at Dreamhack Montreal. The switch to Menat as his main character has served him well. Menat seems like a great fit for Justin’s more defensive play-style. He got to the Grand Finals through the Winner’s bracket where he had to face off against Capcom Cup 2016 Champion GHOST|NuckleDu. The two faced off previously in Winners Finals where justin came out on top 3-1. In Grand Finals NuckleDu came close to snatching victory away starting with a 1-3 win with his Cammy against Justin’s Menat. The second set was fierce but Justin came out on top 3-2.

Also having his best performance in a Premier this season was USA’s GHOST|NuckleDu, whose previous best Premier placement was 3rd place at NorCal Regionals. NucleDu’s only losses were to Justin Wong. NuckleDu surprised many by playing Juri in Winners Finals, perhaps viewing Juri’s strengths as a possible counter to the tricky Menat. NuckleDu played four different characters at various points at this event.

The Evo 2018 Champion MOUSESPORTS|Problem X from the United Kingdom added another impressive Premier Placement to his already tremendous season record. His Abigail was once again a thrill to watch as he decimated the life bars of his opponents with a single combo and his M.Bison remains arguably the best in the world. Problem X was knocked into Losers bracket by Japan’s Mago in top 16 0-2 and was finally eliminated by NuckleDu’s Guile 1-3.

Now let’s take a look at the full Dreamhack Montreal 2018 results for top 48!

If you missed any of the action, be sure to visit our videos page, where we will have a playlist for matches from Dreamhack Montreal 2018!

Dreamhack Montreal 2018 Results: Top 48

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st ECHO FOX|Justin Wong Menat/Karin 700
2nd GHOST|NuckleDu Guile/Cammy/R.Mika/Juri 270
3rd MOUSESPORTS|Problem X Abigail/M.Bison 200
4th RED BULL|Bonchan Karin/Nash 160
5th Mago Cammy 130
5th QANBA DOUYU|Xiao Hai Cammy 130
7th CJ Truth Cammy 100
9th PONOS|Moke Cammy 70
9th Nephew Kolin/G 70
13th LIQUID|John Takeuchi Rashid 40
13th RISE|Smug G/Balrog 40
17th EG|NYChrisG Ibuki 20
17th TOSFHQ|Sabour Urien 20
17th UYU|Oil King Rashid 20
17th DETONATION|Itabashi Zangief Abigail 20
17th Kreymore Menat 20
17th CYG BST|Chris T Ken/Akuma 20
25th UYU|Brian_F Balrog 10
25th RED BULL|Snake Eyez Zangief 10
25th TOSFHQ|L.E.S. M.Bison 10
25th Rameo Zeku 10
25th FORGER|Humanbomb Chun-Li 10
25th 925|BootsyVK Guile 10
33rd BCW|Rinnegan_666 Urien 1
33rd Brutus Zangief 1
33rd IMT|ANTi Ken 1
33rd FNATIC|Shakz Laura 1
33rd VastEnd Vega 1
33rd UYU|Kami Akuma 1
33rd CL19|Chunat1on Chun-Li 1
33rd LiH|Rami Akuma 1
33rd Davocado Urien 1
33rd 925|FuzzyAfro 1
33rd TEMPO|Alex Myers Cammy 1
33rd SHG|Bakalid Akuma 1
33rd Flipside 1
33rd Will-played 1
33rd Dren 1