CPTA Taiwan, WCW and SFOS August Results

“The Beast” Daigo claims CPTA Taiwan, moves on to Asia Finals with Gamerbee

The action on the Capcom Pro Tour Asia circuit continued in Taiwan, as players around the region battled it out to qualify for the Asia Finals, taking place in Singapore in October. Top players such as MCZ|Daigo, AVM|GamerBee, RZR|Xian and CCG|Humanbomb were in attendance along with many others. Both Xian and Humanbomb had already qualified for the Asia Finals via the China and Korea qualifiers respectively, but were still in the hunt for even more CPT ranking points as well as prize money. It was the “The Beast” MCZ|Daigo who emerged victorious in the end, absolutely demolishing the competition and barely dropping any games along the way. Daigo and Gamerbee both move on to the Asia Finals, with only the Singapore qualifier remaining now.

CPTA Taiwan Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st MCZ|Daigo Evil Ryu 128
2nd AVM|GamerBee Adon 64
3rd Willy Hakan/Hugo 32
4th Rockpon Ibuki 16
5th Yoro Adon/Yun 8
5th RZR|Xian Gen/Poison 8
7th LSY9983 Ryu/Adon/M.Bison/Decapre 4
7th CCG|Humanbomb Poison/Sakura 4
9th Cody Ng Poison 2
9th Ben Nu Guy 2
9th RB Hugo 2
9th Ippis Balrog 2
13th Minos Vega 1
13th ET Fei Long 1
13th Daimon Dhalsim 1
13th OMEGA1113 M.Bison 1

BE|Nemo defeats all challengers at Westcoast Warzone

Over in Orange, CA, USA, one of the classic Southern California majors, Westcoast Warzone, returned after a long hiatus. Some of the best players on the West coast, including many of the local Wednesday Night Fights players, attended the tournament in an attempt to protect their house from the top Japanese Rolento, BE|Nemo. Widely considered to be one of the best players in Japan, Nemo wasted no time in showing the world why he is a force to be reckoned with through his tricky Rolento play. His victory at the event nets him 128 CPT ranking points and a solid placing on the leaderboards.

Westcoast Warzone Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st BE|Nemo Rolento 128
2nd FRQ|FilipinoMan Rose/Poison 64
3rd pH|Hoodaman E.Honda/Decapre 32
4th Snake Eyez Zangief 16
5th MMG|Julio Yun 8
5th pH|LPN Rolento/Adon 8
7th EG|Ricky Ortiz Rufus 4
7th Filipino Champ Dhalsim 4
9th Kelvin Jeon Hugo 2
9th MOR|Rico Suave Abel 2
9th Brentt Rufus 2
9th WL|Chris King Vega 2
13th Gootecks Rose/Poison 1
13th Alex Myers Sakura 1
13th Ranmasama Decapre/Guile 1
13th Keno Balrog 1

The battle rages online with the Street Fighter Online Series

In the online arena, players in the Americas and Europe competed in online tournaments run by World Gaming. Top 16 results from August can be seen below:

Americas PS3 August Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st Flaquito424 64
2nd CNB|ChuChu 32
3rd BlaQSkillZ 16
4th SaiyanMexican 8
5th TheSmackedPilot 4
5th thedabberranger 4
7th ferkanon 2
7th FakeFoolio 2
9th iPsYkHo 1
9th MarceyPan 1
9th IxLOVExMYxRC51 1
9th severosysBR 1
13th Ratex02 1
13th CANO1119 1
13th DarkSquall81 1
13th montypla 1

Americas X360 August Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st Cnb ChuChu 64
3rd o Zeldaa o 16
4th Bad News Vegas 8
5th kareemdanoobkil 4
5th dark817 4
7th oquis 626 2
7th iPsYkHo 2
9th RaTex02 1
9th pie L33 Chun9 1
9th yuntagohan84 1
13th Phyzestache 1
13th el perillo vzla 1
13th SFHappyFeet 1
13th Hotboy478 1

Europe PS3 August Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st Sunset-Law 64
2nd Giuse_83 32
3rd kof 16
4th Redmonster19 8
5th SMAultramarine 4
5th MagnusFender 4
7th monkeykong12 2
7th SHABZ_R 2
9th M-E-D-Z 1
9th AfrikanPro 1
9th DenuzzoFabio 1
9th LadyHirien 1
13th Gamerzoid 1
13th evileder 1
13th Beignet7 1
13th GaSsToN 1

Europe X360 August Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st Yonzai1212 64
2nd Pro Fluke 32
3rd HT KanpaI 16
4th SDL Mac 8
5th UM|ImStillDaDaddy 4
5th Ixion90 I 4
7th Demulant 2
7th Geqn 2
9th Gillstolemyride 1
9th GL|Valmaster 1
9th Khnum666 1
9th Ninja musik g 1
13th plasma2d 1
13th Elwood Blues I 1
13th ladnopokaa 1
13th Skyluke82 1