CPT Asia Finals 2014 Results: Daigo Dominates!

CPT Asia Finals 2014 Results: “The Beast” Qualifies for Capcom Cup

CPT Asia Finals 2014 Results
One question that has been on everyone’s mind throughout the CPT circuit this year has been, “Will Daigo qualify for Capcom Cup?” Despite his impressive arcade record in Japan as the #1 ranked player in the country, the player known as the “The Beast” had failed to make a substantial dent on the CPT circuit until now. That all changed this past weekend at the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals presented by Razer. Taking place in Singapore at the Gamestart Convention, 8 of the top players from around Asia had qualified through a gauntlet of events in order to make it to this final tournament. With a special round robin format in place, the winner was guaranteed a spot at Capcom Cup in December along with the last batch of ranking points available on the tour.

But make no mistake about it, this tournament was all about Daigo and his utter dominance over the field through the use of Evil Ryu. Daigo ran through all his opponents, falling only to Poongko in the round robin stages. The final match versus Xian was a best of 7 affair, but Daigo’s excellent space control and explosive damage quickly sealed the deal 7-2. With his victory here, Daigo has silenced his doubters and put the rest of the world on notice ahead of December.

CPT Asia Finals 2014 Results: Top 8

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st MCZ|Daigo Evil Ryu 256
2nd RZR|Xian Gen/Poison/Zangief/Rolento 128
3rd RZR|Gackt Fei Long/Evil Ryu 64
4th Poongko Seth/Cammy 32
5th CCG|Humanbomb Sakura/Poison 16
5th AVM|GamerBee Adon/Elena 16
7th Leslie Sagat/Zangief 8
7th Dark Jiewa Ken 8
This leaves Dreamhack Winter as the final way for players to qualify directly for Capcom Cup.

The battle rages online with the Street Fighter Online Series

In the online arena, players in the Americas and Europe competed in the final online tournaments run by World Gaming, closing out the online portion of the league for this year. With NuckleDu’s victory in both the PS3 and Xbox360 tournaments, he secures his spot at Capcom Cup ahead of very fierce competition on the leaderboards.

Americas PS3 October Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st NuckleDu 64
2nd Cnb ChuChu 32
3rd midnightsun1112 16
4th iPsYkHo 8
5th oZeldaao 4
5th TheSmackedPilot 4
7th severosysBR 2
7th MikeandIke12 2
9th Ratex02 1
9th ranamex 1
9th DonNweze 1
13th ccllnnpp 1
13th step_wolf 1
13th Xx0AustinPro0xX 1
13th DarkSquall81 1

Americas X360 October Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st NuckleDu 64
2nd Cnb ChuChu 32
3rd iPsYkHo 16
4th o Zeldaa o 8
5th antman159 4
5th RaTex02 4
7th DensePoem08 2
7th Bad News Vegas 2
9th Psycho Pope 1
9th Keloooo 1
9th SOA Zuzaleandro 1
9th ssj schmoo 1
13th XiggyZonda 1
13th BrenoF1ght3rs 1
13th YoonaKaMe 1
13th bloody picture 1

Europe PS3 October Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st Yonzai1212 64
2nd Giuse_83 32
3rd kokopsini 16
4th LadyHirien 8
5th Sunset-Law 4
5th ABDHN 4
7th M-E-D-Z 2
7th Beignet7 2
9th kof 1
9th MagnusFender 1
9th ColeUp 1
13th DenuzzoFabio 1
13th monkeykong12 1
13th Redmonster19 1
13th NEOTDS 1

Europe X360 October Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st Yonzai1212 64
2nd SpraySausage 32
3rd Niruz 16
4th dropkikyamum 8
5th EruXiahou 4
5th donkeypunch 4
7th bossdonkim 2
7th Dinasaur King 2
9th capana1 1
9th Geqn 1
9th DatGdud 1
9th Cervanto 1
13th Demulant 1
13th Skyluke82 1
13th raulvega 1
13th Slyches 1