Capcom Pro Tour Kicks Off This Weekend at Final Round

Brought to you by Capcom and Twitch, this Saturday marks the official kickoff of the Capcom Pro Tour

Players from around the world will battle one another throughout the weekend, as they vie for a finalist spot on Sunday to win the tournament. Besides winning a sizeable amount of the $2000 pot bonus provided by Capcom, the champion will receive the very first guaranteed spot to the Capcom Cup Finals this December, in addition to 256 ranking points to help with seeding!

The hype doesn’t end there though. We also have an important announcement in which the greatest mystery of Ultra Street Fighter IV thus far will finally be revealed.

So be sure to tune-in to Capcom Fighters for all the action this Saturday beginning at 10:00amEDT, and see who will make it to the Finals day, which is slated to begin at 7:00pmEDT on Sunday.