The Capcom Pro Tour at the Electronic Entertainment Expo

Many of you have been wondering what the plans were for the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) taking place from June 10~12 in Los Angeles, California. We are happy to announce that instead of holding a normal Ranking Event, we will be putting together a kickass showcase of some of the top talent in the scene for a fun-filled and action packed event focusing on the soon-to-be-released Ultra Street Fighter IV. A special custom-made eSports stage is being created just for the show, where the various activities and exhibitions can take place.

Fans lucky enough to make it to the show will be able to play against the Capcops themselves for fame and prizes, as well as receive coaching and beat downs from some of the best pro players in the scene. For those who can’t get to the show, never fear! We will be live streaming all of the pro exhibitions straight from the event floor so that you don’t miss any of the action. All the following activities will be streamed on our Capcom Fighters Twitch channel:

  • 6/10 (TUE):
    • 4~5pm – Play With A Pro
    • 5~6pm – USFIV New Characters Exhibition
  • 6/11 (WED):
    • 4~5pm – Play Against A Pro
    • 5~6pm – USFIV Edition Select Exhibition
  • 6/12 (THU):
    • 1~4pm – USFIV Capcom Pro Tour Invitational Tournament

While the USFIV Capcom Pro Tour Invitational Tournament on the last day won’t be for CPT Ranking Points, there will still be a $3000 prize pool on the line, so expect all the players to fight their hardest!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: here is our eight player guest lineup!

Team Evil Geniuses: Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz, Eduardo Perez, Kenneth Bradley
– As one of the top gaming teams in the world and dominant players on the Capcom Pro Tour circuit, it was only fit that the entire EG crew headlined this star player lineup.

Team Southern California: Alex Valle, Jayce the Ace
– No Street Fighter event would be complete without Alex “Mr. Street Fighter” Valle himself! The legend brings with him another Southern California killer in Jayce the Ace.

Team Japan: ??
– Thanks to our partners over at Twitch, we’ll be flying out TWO amazing players straight from Japan. The identities of these two players will be revealed as we get closer to the show, so be on the lookout for more information soon!