Capcom Pro Tour 2018 Welcomes New Broadcast Partners

Hello Street Fighter fans! We’re ready to hit start on the Capcom Pro Tour for 2018 and with this new season, we’re adding new ways to expand CPT broadcasts.

The CPT is proud to be returning to Twitch. You can catch all of our Premier Event, Regional Finals, and Capcom Cup broadcasts on the Capcom Fighters Twitch channel.

This year, for the first time on the CPT, you’ll be able to tune in on Capcom Fighters on YouTube and on Street Fighter on Facebook, beginning with our first Premier Event Final Round 2018 on March 16-18.Twitch YouTube Facebook

You may have noticed we recently updated the official CPT website. As a part of those upgrades, you can now watch every CPT Premier Event broadcast and re-broadcast directly on the site.

We’re looking forward to another fantastic competitive year for Capcom Pro Tour 2018 and Season 3 of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. For more news and updates on the Capcom Pro Tour, visit and follow CapcomFighters on Twitter.