Capcom Cup IX Results: BANDITS|MenaRD from Dominican Republic Wins 2nd Capcom Cup!

The epic conclusion of the 2022 Capcom Pro Tour season, Capcom Cup IX is the end of an era. It was the last Capcom Cup to feature Street Fighter V and it was an appropriately grand send-off as well as being the finale to one of the most far reaching seasons in the history of the Capcom Pro Tour. At the end of the competition spanning over a full week it was BANDITS|MenaRD who emerged victorious from the Grand Finals to be the first two-time Capcom Cup Champion! MenaRD won his first Capcom Cup in 2017. In second place was the phenom from China BLG|Zhen and in third place was USA’s XSET|iDom. Now lets take a look at the full results Capcom Cup IX.

If you missed any of the action, be sure to visit our videos page, where we will have a playlist for matches from the event!

Capcom Cup IX Results

Placing Handle Characters
1st BANDITS|MenaRD Luke/Birdie
2nd BLG|Zhen M.Bison
3rd XSET|iDom Laura/Poison
4th Mister Crimson Dhalsim
5th EndingWalker Ed
5th NASR|AngryBird Ken/Rashid
7th GOSUA GAMING|VegaPatch F.A.N.G.
7th NL Luke
9th Takamura Akuma/Ken
9th VICTRIX|Momochi Cody
9th HITBOX|Kawano Luke/Kolin
9th BLG|VXBao Cody/Luke/Urien/Balrog
13th 00|Phenom Luke/Necalli/Karin
13th G8S|Pugera Balrog
13th Valmaster Chun-Li/Menat
13th M. Lizard Vega
17th NASR|Big Bird Luke/Ken
17th Samurai Luke
17th 00|Veggey Birdie
17th The4philzz Falke
17th SIN|Brandon Luke
17th Joe Umerogan Luke
17th Kalmal09 Ed
17th CLG|ChrisCCH Luke/Sakura
25th RR|Mono F.A.N.G.
25th Myrken G
25th UYU|Oil King Rashid/Seth
25th HDG|YoungHou Birdie/Balrog
25th Punk Luke/Cammy/Cody
25th Bravery Cammy/Seth
25th R!OT|ROF Birdie
25th UYU X BLG|DCQ Urien
33rd Mortsy F.A.N.G.
33rd MDZ|jimmY Ryu
33rd DMX|RonaldinhoBR Nash/Blanka
33rd EMGG|Justakid Juri
33rd UB|Frozen Nash/Kage
33rd JUNINHO-RAS Ryu/Luke
33rd Magnegro Birdie/G
33rd Travis Styles Balrog
41st CAMMY QUEEN|Geeck-O Cammy
41st SolVNG Falke/Seth
41st SONICBOXX|DoomSnake507 Vega
41st GOLIATHGAMING|JabhiM Kolin/Karin/Poison
41st Ren Ibuki/Ken
41st WFalcon Seth/Luke
41st FRT|Uriel Velorio Cody/Ken

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