Capcom Cup 2017 Results: RISE|MenaRD from the Dominican Republic is Capcom Cup Champion!

Capcom Cup 2017 Results

It’s been an incredible 2017 Capcom Pro Tour season with thousands of players competing in events around the world. After it all there were 31 players who earned qualifying spots to the finale at Capcom Cup 2017. This year there was a Last Chance Qualifier event at Capcom Cup itself with the winner earning that 32nd spot in the Capcom Cup 2017 Finals. For 2017, with the CPT DLC Bonus added to the prize pool, the 32 players would be competing for over $370,000 and the title of 2017 Capcom Cup Champion!

The Capcom Cup

In addition to the monetary prize and the Capcom Cup title, the winner gets their name permanently engraved on the trophy!

Japan’s Alienware|Nemo Wins Last Chance Qualifier, becomes (Near) Unstoppable Train in Capcom Cup Finals

This season was the first to have a Last Chance Qualifier at Capcom Cup itself, giving players one final opportunity to get into the Capcom Cup Finals. It was a win or go home event with the 1st place finisher becoming the 32nd and final participant. In the end it was Japan’s Alienware|Nemo who would defeat Korea’s Grapht|Infiltration in an exciting Grand Finals to earn that spot. Nemo would go into Capcom Cup 2017 facing off against the 1st seed, USA’s PG|Punk. Nemo would go on to beat Punk and, after a fantastic run defeating many of the world’s best players, would ultimately be eliminated by RISE|MenaRD in Losers Finals. Nemo had an incredible run, fighting his way through the Last Chance Qualifier just to get into Capcom Cup and then making it all the way to Losers Finals at Capcom Cup itself, just one step away from the Grand Finals.  He finished at 3rd place.

RISE|MenaRD vs ECHO FOX|Tokido in Grand Finals

RISE|MenaRD (left) faces off against ECHO FOX|Tokido (right).

RISE|MenaRD from the Dominican Republic and Japan’s ECHO FOX|Tokido faced off in Winners Finals prior to their matchup in Grand Finals. Their Winners Finals meeting was a slug-fest, with Tokido coming out on top by a very slim margin. MenaRD went to Losers Finals where he quickly dispatched the seemingly unstoppable Alienware|Nemo with a 3-0 victory and advanced to Grand Finals to face off against Tokido once again.  Because MenaRD was in the Losers Bracket, he would have to win two full sets against Tokido to take 1st place. It was a daunting hill to climb for sure and at first things did not go well for MenaRD. Tokido won the first two games and things looked bleak, but MenaRD did not give up and one round at a time fought his way back. He won three games in a row to beat Tokido 3-2 in the first set, resetting the bracket. Now both players were on equal ground and the player who won the second set would be the Champion. Tokido would win the first match of the set, but that would be his last. In an absolutely thrilling series, MenaRD would win the next three games to defeat Tokido 3-1. The Grand Finals between these two great players was truly breathtaking, and you need to see it yourself. ECHO FOX|Tokido, who won EVO 2017 earlier this year, had a terrific year and finished 2nd place at Capcom Cup 2017.

RISE|MenaRD: Capcom Cup 2017 Winner and Street Fighter V World Champion!

RISE|MenaRD has won Capcom Cup 2017 and it was well deserved. He earned a lot of fans throughout the year with his Birdie play but now he’s hit a whole new level. He’s a passionate competitor who is not afraid to pop-off after a win and he’s always exciting to watch. At Capcom Cup 2017 he faced off against the best and despite the odds he kept pushing forward and persevered. He will get his name engraved on the Capcom Cup trophy, take home a big prize pool of $250,000, and carry the title of Capcom Cup Champion! Congratulations to RISE|MenaRD of the Dominican Republic on winning Capcom Cup 2017!

If You Couldn’t Watch Live, You Need to See These Matches!

There were so many incredible matches at Capcom Cup 2017. If you could not watch the event, or if you missed some matches here and there, be sure to visit our Videos page, where we will have a playlist for matches from Capcom Cup 2017. You can also go to the Capcom Fighters Youtube Channel to see match videos and replays there.

Capcom Cup 2017 Results: Top 32

Placing Handle Characters
1st RISE|MenaRD Birdie
2nd ECHO FOX|Tokido Akuma
3rd Alienware|Nemo Urien
4th Ponos|Moke Rashid
5th Yukadon Ibuki
5th DNG|Itabashi Zangief (Itazan) Zangief
7th Hx|CYG BST|Daigo Guile
7th Mousesports|Problem X M.Bison/Birdie
9th PG|Punk Karin
9th ECHO FOX|Momochi Ken/Zeku/M.Bison
9th Method|Red Bull|Luffy R.Mika
9th Red Bull|Bonchan Karin/Nash
13th RZR|Xian Ibuki
13th Allegiance|801 Strider Laura
13th Fuudo R.Mika
13th AAG|DidimoKOF Dhalsim
17th Mago Karin
17th CYG BST|Snake Eyez Zangief
17th ECHO FOX|Justin Wong Karin
17th Gachikun Rashid
17th CO|Go1 Menat/Ibuki/Chun-Li
17th Scarz|Sako Akuma
17th GGP|Kazunoko Cammy
17th CO|Dogura Urien
25th F3|Brolynho Necalli/Abigail
25th NASR|Big Bird Ken/Rashid
25th Haitani Necalli
25th BX3|Phenom Necalli
25th EG|Ricki Ortiz Chun-Li
25th RISE|Smug Balrog
25th ZOWIE|Oil King Rashid
25th GFuel|Verloren Cammy