Capcom Cup 2015!


Event Information:

For months on end, players have been battling in events all over the world for CPT points and qualification spots in order to make it into the Capcom Cup. Out of thousands of hopeful players, only 32 have made the cut and have the chance to compete for the title of Street Fighter World Champion and their piece of the massive $250,000 prize pool. This is THE must-watch tournament of the year! In this post you will find all of the information you will need to watch it all live!

Official Website:

Players Attending and Starting Matchups:


Follow along with the live brackets (Challonge) here!

Need a rundown of the players? Check out our Introduction to the Players of Capcom Cup 2015 post here!

Live Stream Schedule:

All times are Pacific (PST).

An Enhanced Way To Watch Capcom Cup 2015:!

For an enhanced experience watching the event, go to! It’s got a nice, clean interface and a ton of features, so turn your browsers there, grab a cold beverage, and enjoy the show! Be sure to go to to watch all of the Ultra Street Fighter 4 action at Capcom Cup 2015 live! ¬†You can also check out the brackets or Twitter feed all with a button press!

Two Streams to Enjoy!

There will be too many great matches going on to contain to just one stream, so we will have two live streams! For your convenience, if you watch Capcom Cup 2015 at, you will see two tabs at the bottom of the screen, one for each stream. This allows you to switch freely between the two streams at will so you can always catch the action you want to watch!

Live Stream: Capcom Fighters 1 & 2 (Two Streams!)

Watch live video from CapcomFighters on
Watch live video from capcomfighters2 on