Canada Cup 2017 Results: Japan’s CO|Dogura wins 2nd Premier of Season! Update: Highlights!

Canada Cup 2017 Results

Canada Cup 2017, held in Toronto, ON, Canada from October 26th through 29th, is in the books and Japan’s CO|Dogura has won his second Premier Event of the season! He took 1st place at TWFighter Major 2017 just two weeks ago. He has now moved up to 7th place on the Global Leaderboard with 1,446 points. Japan’s Cyclops Osaka teammate CO|Go1 took 2nd place and DNG|Itabashi Zangief, also from Japan, took 3rd place. Now let’s take a look at the full Canada Cup 2017 results for top 64!

If you missed any of the action, be sure to visit our videos page, where we will have a playlist for matches from Canada Cup 2017!

Canada Cup 2017 Results: Top 64

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st CO|Dogura Urien 400
2nd CO|Go1 Ibuki/Menat 250
3rd DNG|Itabashi Zangief Zangief 200
4th Liquid|NuckleDu Guile/R.Mika 160
5th ECHO FOX|Justin Wong Karin 130
5th Mousesports|Problem X M.Bison 130
7th YOUDEAL|Yukadon Ibuki 100
9th BX3|Phenom Necalli 70
9th Nephew Kolin 70
13th GRPT|MOV Chun-Li 40
13th SPZ|NL Cammy 40
17th Circa|LPN M.Bison 20
17th SonicBoxx|JB (2) Rashid 20
17th SPLYCE|Filipino Champ Dhalsim 20
17th Method RB|Luffy R.Mika 20
17th EG|Ricki Ortiz Chun-Li 20
17th DR|StormKubo Abigail 20
25th Hx|CYG BST|Daigo Umehara Guile 10
25th Talon|Xiaobao Vega 10
25th Epsilon|Takamura_B Ken 10
25th Qanba Douyu|Xiao Hai Cammy 10
25th Gachikun Rashid 10
25th RISE|Smug Balrog 10
33rd AAO|Drae Yomi Games Laura 5
33rd ZOWIE|GamerBee Necalli 5
33rd Method|Packz Karin 5
33rd Tempo|Alex Myers Cammy 5
33rd GRPT|gllty Menat 5
33rd L.E.S. M.Bison 5
33rd EG|NYChrisG Guile/Ibuki 5
33rd Commander Jesse Dhalsim 5
33rd YBK|Daikoku Go Birdie 5
33rd GW|Eita Ken 5
33rd Millenium|Will2Pac Laura 5
33rd Mago Karin 5
33rd Mousesports|CCL Chun-Li 5
33rd Danslip Cammy 5
49th EMP|Hiro M.Bison 1
49th MD|MisterCrimson Dhalsim 1
49th StDx|Blitzman Karin 1
49th Chi-Rithy Karin 1
49th Lil Evil Ed 1
49th Vulva Chun-Li 1
49th EG|K-Brad Cammy 1
49th Kreymore Kolin 1
49th Kaymind4D Juri 1
49th Snafoo Dhalsim 1
49th Tactix Laura 1
49th OG|Shine Ibuki 1
49th GOL|Ranmasama Rashid 1
49th PIE|Kami Necalli 1
49th Mono F.A.N.G. 1

Canada Cup 2017 Highlights

Canada Cup enjoys the distinction of being the last true Premier Event of the Capcom Pro Tour season. This position makes it an incredibly important event for players who are on the bubble for qualifying for Capcom Cup or who have already qualified to add more points for seeding purposes.

The results for Canada Cup 2017 brought USA’s 801 Strider (who took 7th place) back into Capcom Cup range at 29th place with 795 points. South Korea’s NL (who took 13th place) edged his way into the very last points spot to qualify for Capcom Cup at 31st place and 740 points. With two Regional Finals left to go, we will see if NL can hold onto that spot.

USA’s SPLYCE|Filipino Champ and Taiwan’s Talon|Xiaobao both dropped out and are now on the outside looking in. For most players who are still hoping for a Capcom Cup berth it will come down to the two remaining Regional Finals and, as a very last ditch attempt, the Last Chance Qualifier at Capcom Cup 2017 itself.

Japan’s CO|Dogura wins 2nd Premier Event of the Season

Japan’s CO|Dogura, who earned an emotional win at the TWFighter Major 2017 Premier Event in early October, grabbed his second Premier Event win of the season at Canada Cup 2017. He’s been traveling a lot all season but in the last month or so he’s really reached another level. Winning two Premier Events is impressive on its own, but winning two of the most stacked events of the season makes it even more so. With just a few weeks left to go before Capcom Cup 2017, Dogura is leveling up at just the right time.

Now let’s take a look at a few highlight matches from Canada Cup 2017.

801 Strider vs Ponos|Moke in Top 16

USA’s 801 Strider was on the bubble and had briefly dropped out of Capcom Cup qualification on the Global Leaderboard so he needed a good performance at Canada Cup. Japan’s Ponos|Moke is already comfortably in Capcom Cup and is just looking for points for seeding and a share of the event’s prize pool. What we got here is a close match. In the last round you could almost feel 801 Strider’s tension as his Laura attempted to keep Moke’s Rashid locked into the corner, a corner that Moke tried desperately to get out of. In that breakout attempt 801 Strider landed the final hit to take the win and promptly jumped out of his chair with excitement, knowing that he made top 8 and earned enough points to get into Capcom Cup 2017.

CO|Dogura vs Mousesports|Problem X in Top 8

UK’s Mousesports|Problem X has won two Premier Events recently and in such a dominating way that some say he is the best player in the world at this point in time. This match in top 16 against CO|Dogura was a thrilling match of rapid momentum swings. Problem X makes M.Bison look incredibly mobile and puts on some tremendous pressure when he had Dogura backed into a corner. Dogura has great instincts for throwing out headbutts and used Urien’s Aegis Reflector shenanigans to tremendous effect.

CO|Dogura vs CO|Go1 in Grand Finals

The Grand Finals was a battle of two Cyclops Osaka (CO) teammates. It was Japan’s CO|Go1 and his Ibuki that defeated CO|Dogura in Winners Finals in a close 3-2 set. Because Dogura was coming in from the Losers bracket he would have to win two full sets to take 1st place and would go on to do just that, winning the first set with a close 3-2 and then the second set with a more convincing 3-1.

Capcom’s Top 5 Moments from Canada Cup 2017

Here are some of our top moments from Canada Cup 2017!