Canada Cup 2017: Live Stream and Event Information

Canada Cup 2017

The last Premier Event of the season is this weekend! Canada Cup 2017, held in Toronto, ON, Canada from October 26th through 29th, once again has that honor and as such it is absolutely stacked with top players! The points up for grabs at Canada Cup make it tremendously important and can still cause a few shake-ups in the Global Leaderboard prior to Capcom Cup 2017! Those who have already locked their qualifying spot will be looking to add more points to their total in hopes of getting better seeding. Just take a glance at the list of top players from around the world who are competing to get an idea of how big this event will be. You won’t want to miss a second so be sure to watch it as it happens on the live stream!

Event official website:

Prominent Players Expected to Attend (Names in No Particular Order, Alphabetical by Nationality):

Player Nationality
Mousesports|CCL Belgium
Epsilon|Takamura_B Belgium
Qanba Douyu|Xiao Hai China
Method RB|Luffy France
ENVYUS|MisterCrimson France
Millenium|Will2pac France
CO|Dogura Japan
ECHO FOX|Momochi Japan
CO|Go1 Japan
YOUDEAL|Yukadon Japan
GRPT|Fuudo Japan
DNG|Itabashi Zangief Japan
SZ HORI|Sako Japan
Hx|CYG BST|Daigo Umehara Japan
StormKUBO Japan
Mago Japan
Gachikun Japan
Ponos|Moke Japan
RB|Bonchan Japan
YBK|Daikoku Go Japan
BX3|Phenom Norway
Mono Puerto Rico
Poongko South Korea
SPZ|NL South Korea
ZOWIE|GamerBee Taiwan
Talon|Xiaobao Taiwan
Mousesports|Problem X United Kingdom
UM|Tyrant United Kingdom
Method|Packz United Kingdom
EG|NYChrisG United States
RISE|Smug United States
ECHO FOX|Justin Wong United States
F3|Alucard United States
Stupendous United States
GRPT|gllty United States
PIE|Kami United States
Brian_F United States
PG|Punk United States
XsK Samurai United States
SonicBoxx|JB United States
EG|Ricki Ortiz United States
CYG BST|PR Balrog United States
GR|Commander Jesse United States
WN|OG Shine United States
LPN United States
801 Strider United States
Tempo|Alex Myers United States
Liquid|NuckleDu United States
SPLYCE|Filipino Champ United States
EG|K-Brad United States
CYG BST|Snake Eyez United States
PG|RayRay United States

Live Stream Schedule:

Pacific Eastern
Pools (Saturday) 6AM – 10AM 9AM – 1PM
Top 32 to Top 16 (Saturday) 10AM – 12PM 1PM – 3PM
Top 16 to Top 8 (Sunday) 12PM – 2PM 3PM – 5PM
Top 8 (Sunday) 3PM – 6PM 6PM – 9PM

Live Stream

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