Buenos Aires True Salt: Live Stream and Event Information

Buenos Aires True Salt

Buenos Aires True Salt, held from August 19th through 20th at Buenos Aeres, Argentina, is this weekend’s destination for the Capcom Pro Tour. Regional top players like Brazil’s F3|Brolynho and Chile’s DM|Misterio are joined by international players like China’s PandaTV|Jiewa and USA’s GG Labs|Flash. It will be an exciting weekend, so be sure to tune in!

Official Website:  https://leogarou.wixsite.com/uafg

Prominent Players Expected to Attend (In No Particular Order):

F3|Brolynho PandaTV|Jiewa
DM|Misterio GG Labs|Flash
F2G|Moise TSD|Picoro

Live Brackets can be found at: https://challonge.com/es/BATSSFVpoola

Live Stream Schedule:

Pacific Eastern Local Argentina
Pools to Top 16 (Saturday) 9:30AM – 5:30PM 12:30PM – 8:30PM 1:30PM to 21:30PM
Top 8 (Sunday) Starts 3PM Starts 6PM Starts 7PM

Live Stream

https://www.tycsportsplay.com/evento.php?7927-CAPCOM_Pro_Tour__Dia_1 (Day one)

https://www.tycsportsplay.com/evento.php?7928-CAPCOM_Pro_Tour__Dia_2 (Day two)